Make this Beautiful Aspidistra Leaf Christmas Wreath

Skip the traditional pine or evergreen wreath this Christmas and use foliage of a different variety—Aspidistras leaves. We'll show you how to make this beautiful wreath and give you tips of how to hang it.

Nothing dresses up a home for the holidays quite like a festive front door wreath. We put a spin on tradition by making this elegant door wreath from Aspidistra leaves, a long shiny leaf often used in floral arrangements to disguise foam forms. The leaves are durable and easily manipulated, making it possible to create the fat, ribbon-like folds here. You can purchase leaves from a florist's shop or online wholesaler. Once you've created the folded leaf base, add glass ornaments in your preferred color scheme. We chose to pair cool blue and icy white glass balls with the rich green leaves to create a sophisticated winter wreath that can dress up your door long after Christmas has passed.

Supplies Needed

  • Plastic foam wreath form
  • Green or Aspidistra-pattern ribbon (used to cover the foam base)
  • Aspidistra leaves (typically sold in bunches; wreath will require 50-80 leaves depending on size)
  • Small bowl of warm water
  • Florist's picks
  • Small blue, green, and white Christmas ornaments
  • Teal blue satin ribbon
  • Fine wire
  • Wire snips or old scissors

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How to Make the Wreath

  1. Lay the wreath form on a flat surface. If your foam wreath form is white, wrap it in ribbon to hid the white color. We found some Aspidistra leaf pattern ribbon that works perfectly for this purpose. but if you don't have that, a green ribbon is a tone similar to the leaves will work.
  2. Place the Aspidistra leaves in a bowl or warm water to keep them supple and make them more easy to manipulate. One by one, remove leaves from the water and gently dry off. Bend the leaves to create gentle folds and pin them onto the wreath form with florist's picks, overlapping as you work. Cover the wreath with leaves.
  3. Wire the ornaments if they aren't already wired, and pin them between and onto the leaves.
  4. Tie a bow with the teal ribbon and pin to the top of the wreath. Add a cluster of small ornaments to the center of the bow.

How to Hang a Wreath

Once you have your gorgeous wreath completed, you need to show it off! If you're planning to hang it on your front door as a cheery way to greet guests, here are a few tips for doing so without damaging your door:

  • Hang with Ribbon: Hold your wreath in its final position on the door and measure the distance from inside top edge of the wreath to the top of the door. Double the measurement and add 2 inches. Cut a length of ribbon and loop around the wreath, then use a thumbtack to secure the ribbon ends on the top edge of the door so they are hidden when the door is closed.
  • Hang with Fishing Line: Use the same method outlined above to determine how much fishing line you need. Loop the strand around the top of the wreath and knot the ends several times, creating a small loop on the other end. Use a tack to secure the loop on the top door edge.
  • Use a Wreath Hanger: If you don't like the look of ribbon or want a more sturdy solution, try a wreath hanger. You can find them in all sorts of finishes and styles, metal over-the-door hangers to plastic suction or magnetic versions.


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