Creative Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths don't have to be made from traditional evergreens -- in fact, we encourage you to mix it up with eucalyptus leaves, boxwood, lotus pods, and even items that don't come from nature, such as peppermint candies and pom-poms. These fun-to-make creative designs show you how to make Christmas wreaths with unexpected shapes, dazzling colors, and out-of-the-ordinary materials.

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    Felt Poinsettia Wreath

    Plain felt has never looked prettier. This DIY Chrismas wreath is made with our free pattern. Make a classic red version or try experimenting with metallic or green flowers. 

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    Bottlebrush Tree Wreath

    Sometimes bright is best. This creative holiday wreath is made from colorful bottlebrush trees. Paint them in any shades you like and adhere to a wreath form for a truly festive front door. 

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    Glue Together Gift Boxes In a Wreath Shape

    We all know that the fun part of Christmas is tied up with ribbons and bows. So what better way to greet visitors than with a DIY gift-box wreath? To make, purchase an assortment of foil gift-box ornaments and snip off the ornamental string. Hot-glue the boxes one by one to a wire wreath form until the gaps are filled. Finish with a large green bow and gift tag.
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    Copper Hula-Hoop Wreath

    You'll never guess what this handmade wreath is made from. Head to the sporting aisle for hula hoops! This oversized wreath makes a statement when displayed outside. 

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    Layer Felt for a Wreath

    Felt has proven time and time again to be one of the simplest crafting materials to work with. Cut scallop designs from a sheet of felt; our design was 1-inch wide with scallops that went out 2 inches. Next, with a straw wreath form as your foundation, hot-glue the felt around the form. Layer the felt on one by one, and finish with a gold bow and glittered branches.

    Editor's Tip: Leave the plastic wrap on your straw wreath form so the straw doesn't poke out or break off while handling.
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    Green Wedding Shoes)

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    Glue Bows Onto a Wreath

    Make that influx of Christmas gifting work for you with a do-it-yourself bow wreath. Start by adding a glittery hanging ribbon to the top of a foam wreath. One at a time, hot-glue colorful bows to the wreath, laying them close together so the foam doesn't show through. When adding the bows becomes tight, use a wooden skewer to assist you in placing and gluing.
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    Group Plastic Trays in a Wreath Shape

    Forgo traditional wreath materials in lieu of something a little more creative -- faux-metal trays, for example! Purchase cheap plastic trays (ours are from the dollar store) in three or four different shapes. Lay out the base layer on a drop cloth, picking the biggest trays and letting their width dictate the wreath's size. Lay a second layer of trays on top and hot-glue in place. Add a third layer on top of that; let dry completely. Flip the wreath over and add more glue for stability. Use hot glue to add a hanging loop to the uppermost tray.

    Editor's Note: Liquid nails also can be used if your trays turn out to be too heavy for hot glue.  
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    Jennifer Griffin)

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    Add Pasta Bows to a Tinsel Wreath

    Give pasta art a whole new purpose with this DIY wreath! To start, wrap a flat wreath form with silver tinsel garland, hot-gluing in place as you wrap. Next, paint bow tie pasta in your chosen color scheme; let dry. Hot-glue the pasta in alternating colors to your wreath. Tie on a bit of string or ribbon at the top to hang.
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    Gloria Chen)

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    Pink Word Wreath

    This handmade holiday wreath is a joy to make! A plain grapevine wreath gets dressed up with festive greenery and a nontraditional color choice, pink. 

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    How to Hang a Wreath (No-Damage Solutions!)

    Avoid nail holes with our two no-fail secrets to hanging your Christmas wreath.

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    Add Shimmer to a Christmas Wreath with Spray Glitter

    Take an evergreen wreath from plain to showstopping with only a few additions. First, wire seeded eucalyptus sprigs and silver glass balls in various sizes to floral picks. This step will make the sprigs and glass balls easier to arrange in the wreath, but they can also be wired on directly if desired. Next, spray half of the eucalyptus blue and the other half chartreuse; let dry. Using spray paint in the same colors, mist the glass balls with a mix of the two colors as shown. Create an ombre effect by arranging the glass balls from largest to smallest, starting at the top of the wreath. Tuck in the eucalyptus sprigs near glass balls of the same color, and hang the wreath with a wide blue ribbon.

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    Special Offer: Classic Live Wreath

    This classic wreath gets a modern makeover with colorful berries, live variegated boxwood greens, and a matching bow. Now is the perfect time to order a fresh balsam fir wreath for your holidays. Shipping is free!

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    Play Up Traditional Colors and Accents on a Christmas Wreath

    Painted red pinecones offer a dashing look for your holiday front door, complete with evergreen boughs, a bright bow, and a Christmas card in the middle for a homey accent. If you're starting with a plain pinecone wreath, use red metallic spray paint to get the pictured look. Tie a classic bow around the wreath with wide ribbon, then tuck in evergreen boughs and faux berries underneath to secure.

    Editor's Tip: To ensure the card in the middle of the wreath lasts throughout the season, we recommend laminating it.

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    Create a Rustic Christmas Wreath with Message Square

    Want to add a little personality to your Christmas wreath? Dress it up with cinched burlap ribbon, battery-operated icicle lights, and a message square hung from the top with twine. Get into the spirit of the season with festive messages, such as "Out Christmas Shopping," "Happy Holidays," or "Baby It's Cold Outside."

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    Use Festive Candy for a Pretty Wreath

    Red-and-white peppermint candies create a fun Christmas motif on a simple wreath form that you can hang anywhere. Start by purchasing a foam or plastic wreath form from a crafts store, then use hot glue to secure unwrapped peppermint candies in rows, starting on the inside and working your way out. Finish the wreath with a simple bow, tied with red ribbon.

    Editor's Tip: This project is kid-friendly! Just have your little ones help unwrap each individual candy, and let older kids help with the gluing.

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    Accent a Christmas Wreath with Scrap Ribbon

    Pops of bright teal scrap ribbon and fabric steal the show on this nontraditional Christmas wreath, along with faux fruit and glittery stars. To decorate the wreath, tie scraps of leftover fabric to random branches with a simple knot, thread pieces of faux fruit vines into the wreath, and attach purchased star shapes. This is one Christmas wreath that will bring tons of compliments this holiday season.

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    Create a Stunning Wreath with Fruit and Foliage

    This bountiful Christmas wreath is actually two -- a smaller wreath form adorned with apples, Key limes, pinecones, and boxwood fits perfectly inside a larger wreath decorated with limes, lemon leaves, berries, cypress, thistle, and bells of Ireland. To make this festive door decoration, add the elements above to florist's foam circles with pins and hot glue. Using glue, secure each wreath form to plastic backing, attaching the larger wreath first and fitting the smaller wreath second. Use this idea for how to make Christmas wreaths unique, and add different leaves and other natural elements to change up the look.

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    Curl Paper to Make a Christmas Wreath

    Craft a wreath from rolled scrapbook paper strips to make a forever holiday keepsake. To make, curl 1x6-inch strips of patterned paper by tightly wrapping them around a pencil. Use liquid glue to secure the end of each curl into a loop, then hot-glue the paper loops to an 8-inch florist's foam circle. Alternate the colors and patterns to create a burst of holiday color, and glue on small photos for a personalized touch. Hang the wreath with a red plaid ribbon.

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    Add Layers to a Wreath with Leaves

    Take inspiration from this design for how to make Christmas wreaths that pop with color and different kinds of foliage. Enhance Christmas greenery and pinecones with layers of faux lemon leaves, deep red poinsettia petals, and copper magnolia leaves for a lasting splash of seasonal color.

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    Use Apples to Create a Medallion Wreath

    Green-and-red apples on this unusual Christmas wreath make it pop with color. Cover a 9-inch foam circle with green sheet moss (available at crafts stores), using hot glue to secure the moss. Hot-glue pinecones around the perimeter, then add one in the center of the foam circle. Push wooden florist's picks into the base of six to seven small apples. Insert the apples into the foam around the center pinecone, securing with hot glue. Repeat this step with 14 to 15 larger apples inside the outer circle of pinecones. Fill the leftover space with hazelnuts, and cover any gaps with moss.

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    Use Yarn to Make a Wreath

    Wrap a wreath with yarn for a quick and creative addition to your door. Here's how!

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    Combine Boxwood and Fruit for a Diamond Christmas Wreath

    This festive design shows you how to make Christmas wreaths that look fresh and smell fragrant. Start with pears, berries, eucalyptus, and evergreen boxwood. Insert a 5-inch wooden skewer into the bottom of each pear. Place hot glue on the skewers and push them into a 9-inch square boxwood wreath. Insert sprigs of seeded eucalyptus and faux berries around pears, securing with hot glue.

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    Use Moss to Make a Beautiful Wreath

    The rich chartreuse beauty of moss shines when displayed on a nontraditional square wreath. Glimmering red and copper baubles add sparkling touches to the gorgeous green backdrop.

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    Accent Pinecones with Pops of Color

    A trio of faux cardinals and a bunch of bright red ornaments adds pops of color to this store-bought Christmas wreath. Coat a pinecone wreath with gray spray paint; let dry. Spray with faux snow and silver glitter, letting dry between each coat. Hot-glue three cardinal figurines and nine round red ornaments among the pinecones.

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    Individualize a Wreath with Gift Tags

    For an easy idea on how to make Christmas wreaths that will welcome holiday guests, write greetings on premade gift tags (available at crafts stores). Place the tags on lengths of holiday ribbon and tie them to an evergreen wreath. Weave extra ribbon, evergreen sprigs, and berry bunches to the wreath.

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    Use Paper to Make a Whimsical Christmas Wreath

    This white and silvery paper wreath looks great when placed against a dark-color door or wall. To make the fun shapes, cut scrapbooking paper into 4x6- and 3x5-inch sheets. Pull the sheets widthwise through a paper crimper (available at crafts stores). Following the crimp marks, accordion-fold each sheet. Make a fan by folding the paper in half and gluing the ends. Join two fans for each circle, and use T-pins or hot glue to attach about 25 of them to a 12-inch foam wreath. Jewellike or holiday brads, centered on the medallions, finish the project with flair.

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    Create a Wreath Out of Wooden Paint Sticks

    This cool wreath design is so simple and inexpensive that you can make it in multiples!

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    Use Lotus Pods to Add Detail to Christmas Wreaths

    Unexpected materials can add texture and inspiration when you're trying to decide how to make Christmas wreaths that are out of the ordinary. Here, dried lotus pods become fun holiday baubles on this natural Christmas wreath. Hot-glue moss to a 9-inch wreath form, covering it completely. Then add lotus pods in a random pattern to the wreath. Finish by adhering fresh or faux leaves and arborvitae sprigs to the moss around the lotus pods.

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    Create a Blue-and-White Christmas Wreath

    Float white ornaments on a frothy sea of turquoise ribbon for a fun idea on how to make Christmas wreaths with a fresh take on tradition.

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    Use a Natural Theme in Your Christmas Wreath

    For a simple and easy-to-make holiday wreath, try this idea for an all-natural Christmas decoration. Lay a 10-inch plastic-foam flat wreath form on a protected surface, gather about 100 faux or real acorn tops and sort by size. Hot-glue the acorn tops to the wreath form, using the larger ones first and filling in the gaps with the smaller ones; let dry. Hot-glue a faux bird to the inner side of the wreath. Tie a twine bow and glue at the top of the wreath.

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    Twist Twigs into a Simple Christmas Wreath

    This simple technique for a twig wreath shows you how to make Christmas wreaths that don't require a lot of expensive materials or time. Decorate a basic twig wreath with berry branches, a burlap ribbon bow, live greens, and a faux animal feather for a similar, nature-inspired Christmas wreath.

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    Include Unusual Foliage in a Christmas Wreath

    Branch out to greenery of another variety by using aspidistra leaves to form an unusual Christmas wreath. Aspidistras (also called cast-iron plants) are common houseplants and can be found at your local greenhouse or florist.

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    Transform Nuts into a Star Wreath

    This nut-studded star wreath will add a punch of holiday cheer to your front door, as well as show holiday guests how to make Christmas wreaths with unusual materials. Wrap an 18-inch wire star wreath form with ribbon and hot-glue in place. Glue mixed nuts to the entire form in a random pattern, then glue fresh bay leaves around the perimeter of the wreath behind the nuts.

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    Wrap a Wreath Form in Book Pages

    Create a vintage look for a Christmas wreath with strips of paper cut from unused books. Download the patterns available below, trace onto tracing paper, and cut out. Cut twenty two 1x7-inch strips from book pages (you'll need two books with contrasting print or paper tones). Wrap the strips around a 12-inch foam wreath form, alternating light and dark print or page tones; paste and pin ends of strips to the back of the wreath. Brush with decoupage medium; let dry. Use the rose pattern to cut eight circles from the book pages; draw a spiral on the wrong side of each circle. Cut the spiral, then freehand-cut scallops on the spiral (as shown by the dotted lines). Starting at the X on the pattern, roll the spiral tightly around a skewer, keeping the bottom edges even. Roll down the petal edges into gentle curves; glue rose to the wreath base. Continue with as many roses as desired; trace and cut the flower and leaf patterns from cardstock and book papers. Glue the flowers and leaves to the wreath.

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    Add Spare Jingle Bells to a Christmas Wreath

    Have a jolly Christmas with a jingle bell wreath. The ensemble of bells will ring every time you open and shut the door, ushering in the sounds of Christmas.

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    Try Fragrant Fruit in a Christmas Wreath

    Turn dried oranges and lemons into a circle of refreshing color. For a different visual pop, try a mix of lemons and limes. Garnish with evergreen, ribbon, and baubles for a fancy flourish.

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