How to Make a Christmas Tree Wreath

Add holiday cheer to your front door with this Christmas tree wreath. The secret to its shape? Inexpensive brass rings, fresh greenery, zip ties, and a festive ribbon to top it off.

Greet guests with holiday cheer with this DIY wreath made into the shape of a Christmas tree.

Use inexpensive brass rings to create a modern Christmas tree wreath for your front door. This do-it-in-a-day project is super simple and creates a wow-worthy holiday statement for instant Christmas curb appeal. Use fresh greenery for a natural look, or create your wreath using faux evergreen for a longer-lasting option. Follow the steps below to create your own.

Pretty Christmas Front Door Decor

What You Need

  • Evergreen sprigs
  • 18 brass rings
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Thin twigs
  • Green zip ties
  • Green floral wire
  • Red satin ribbon
  • Scissors

Step 1: Assemble Rings

Snip lengths of evergreen sprigs and wrap around a brass ring. Use floral wire to attach evergreen to ring. Repeat until you have 18 completed rings or enough to make your tree as wide or tall as desired.

Step 2: Attach Rings

Arrange the rings in a pyramid formation. To make our tree taller, we added two rows of three rings to the center of our pyramid formation, rather than a perfect 5-4-3-2-1 triangle formation. Once you've finalized your layout, join the adjacent rings together with green zip ties. Cut off the extra tails of the zip ties.

Step 3: Create Trunk

To make a trunk for the tree, cut twigs to the same length and hot glue together side by side. For our trunk, we cut about 10 pieces of stick to about 2 inches long. Once dry, glue the trunk to the back of the middle bottom ring.

Step 4: Add Bow

String a length of ribbon through the top ring and make a loop by hot gluing the ends together. Attach to the top of your door or a wreath hanger. Tie a bow with a separate length of ribbon and glue to the hanging ribbon close to the top ring.

Ribbons and Bows for Christmas Wreaths


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