Use the iconic Christmas candy in a new way—decorate a pretty red and white candy cane wreath that looks good enough to eat.

Christmas decorating doesn't get more festive than a candy cane wreath! Make this DIY Christmas wreath out of candy canes, peppermint sticks, and classic round peppermints. You can pick up the materials for this holiday craft at your local dollar store for under $20. This project is easy to assemble and perfect for making with kids. Unwrapping the candy is the most time-consuming part!

Easy DIY Candy Cane Wreath above mantel

Make a Candy Cane Wreath

What You'll Need

  • Mini candy canes
  • Large candy canes
  • Peppermints
  • Plastic foam wreath form
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Large red ribbon

Step-by-Step Instructions

This candy cane wreath is made from real candy and comes together in under an hour. Keep in mind that when you're done adding candy, this wreath will be heavy, so break out your heavy-duty hangers or plan to display the wreath propped up against a wall.

Step 1: Make The Candy Wreath

Before you can put the candy cane wreath together, you'll need to unwrap a lot of candy canes. We used two sizes for our candy cane wreath and also added red and white candy peppermints. Unwrap as much candy as you think you'll need to cover a wreath form, setting the candy on the form as you go. We used a white styrofoam wreath, available at most craft stores. Keep in mind that it will be easier to cover a wreath that has a flat top, rather than one that is round. 

Layer the candy canes on the surface of the wreath, hot-gluing them to the wreath form. We started with bigger candy canes as a base layer, then added layers small candy canes to fill in the holes. Save broken candy canes or extra pieces to use in your favorite candy cane recipe, or use them for these easy candy cane crafts

Step 2: Add Embellishments

When your wreath is entirely covered in candy, add a pretty bow for an extra festive touch. You can use one ribbon to make a classic bow, or make a multicolored bow using two contrasting ribbons. Use hot glue to attach the bow, and add sprigs of greenery or other Christmas embellishments until you're happy with the way the wreath looks.

If you plan to hang the wreath outside (or to simply want add an extra layer of protection), spray your wreath with a coat of clear sealant before adding the bow. 

hanging red and white wreath with peppermint candies

Step 3: Display Your Wreath

When all embellishments have been added and the glue is dry, hang your candy cane wreath for all to see! Since the weight of the candy can make this project heavier than traditional Christmas wreaths, hang the wreath from a sturdy hook or hanger. Or, set the wreath on a mantel or other display area where it can lean up against the wall. When you've finished styling this wreath, try one of our other Christmas wreath hacks for under $15!


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