10 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas

No room for a traditional Christmas tree? No sweat. These smart ideas capture the same festive fun in a smaller size. Get crafty with wood dowels, string, doilies, and more.

Make Room for Presents

Traditional Christmas trees tend to take up a lot of floor space, and if you live in a small apartment, every square foot is precious. Ensure there's enough space for presents by hanging the tree on the wall. Simply print an oversized tree image at an office-supply store, then attach it to the wall with colorful washi tape. Felt garland and a cardboard star are the tree's no-fuss trimmings. 

Keep it Colorful

Need a tree that makes a statement? Look no further than this colorful string tree. Attach small, clear hooks to the wall in a triangle shape, then thread string through the hooks at random. The tree can be fit to any size space, with any string color. For added flair, attach Christmas cards to the tree with small clothespins. 

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Minimal is Merry

Let your treasured ornaments shine with a simple dowel tree. This eye-catching DIY removes the fuss of branches and needles, and instead focuses on just the bare bones of a Christmas tree. Make one for you own home with a collection of dowels and a drill. 

Get the Dowel Tree How-to Here

Hang it Up

Yes, you can hang ornaments without a tree. All you need is a grilling grate, fishing line, spray paint, and chain. Start by spray painting the grate and attaching three pieces of chain to it. Hang the chains from the ceiling. Then tie different lengths of fishing line to a collection of green ornaments. Tie the shortest string to the center of the grate, then continue adding ornaments at ever-growing lengths. The end result is a modern tree that's too pretty for even the Grinch to steal. 

Get to Work

The DIYer in your life will be so happy to see their favorite tool put to good use. Make this Scandinavian-style tree by coating a wooden ladder in white chalk-finish paint. Then spray paint a string of lights gold, attach the bulbs, and wrap the strand around the ladder. A minimalist star and printed rug complete the eclectic look. 

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Season's Greetings

Holiday cards take so much thought, so when you receive one in the mail, give it a little love. Not only will you have a jaw-dropping piece of wall art, but it will be fun to watch your tree take shape as December unfolds. Starting at the bottom, attach cards to the wall in a tree shape. You may need to rearrange the cards as they come in, so use an adhesive wall putty that is easy to remove. 

Say it with Sweetness

Turn last years leftover candy canes into a gorgeous Christmas tree. We knotted a collection of canes to four different lengths of string, then attached each string to the wall with clips. Candy canes in different hues add visual dimension to your tree for a modern look. Or stick to the classics with traditional red-and-white candies. 

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Travel Back in Time

Lace doilies may seem like a part of the past, but their gorgeous pattern makes them an ideal candidate for a wall tree. Start by attaching two to three large doilies with adhesive putty, then add in medium-sized doilies until you have a recognizable tree shape. Fill in any gaps with small doilies. 

Editor's Tip: Use leftover doilies to make elegant paper snowflakes. Simply fold and cut as desired. 

Stay in the Family

If you're looking for a tabletop tree, consider crafting a wire ornament holder. This pretty DIY is certain to become a treasured family heirloom. To make one, form a triangle with black craft wire, shape ornament holders, and attach the piece to the wall. Then, hang your favorite ornaments and adorn as desired. 

Get Full Instructions for the Ornament Holder Here

Paper Book Trees

These adorable tabletop Christmas trees are made from the pages of a book! There's no cuter way to recycle an old book into a treasured piece of holiday decor. This simple DIY is as easy as cutting, painting, and stacking. Make several book trees and display them on your holiday mantel. 

Learn how to make them. 


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