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LED Lights
Find out what Christmas tree trends are predicted for 2009 from Heather Shepardson, CEO of Christopher Radko, a holiday decor company.

Miniature Trees

Choose miniature Christmas trees for challenging spaces. Some people get miniature trees because they live in a small space, such as a townhouse. Others want to display multiple trees throughout their homes. Either way, choosing a small tree offers flexibility because it can be placed almost anywhere, Shepardson says.

Miniature Ornaments

Use miniature ornaments for versatility. Use miniature ornaments, such as Christopher Radko¿s Little Gem Collection (shown), to adorn tiny trees, decorate your house, or to give as gifts. Shepardson also suggests looping a ribbon through the top of an ornament and tying it around a napkin holder or a wreath, or to an evergreen spray on the back of a chair.

Religious Symbols

Let religious symbols offer a source of comfort. In today's tough economic climate, people are looking for ways to reduce stress, according to Shepardson. Ornaments shaped like crosses and churches and stand-alone nativity scenes are becoming more popular choices for simple, comforting decor.

Blast from the Past

Look back to the 1940s for Christmas decorating inspiration. During the Second World War, buying handmade ornaments from Europe was no longer an option, Sherpardson says. Lines of ornaments emerged such as Shiny Brite (shown), which used light-bulb-making machines to mass produce simple ornaments. Search for glass balls and onion-shape drop ornaments in bright colors, such as turquoise, fuchsia, and lime green, to duplicate this look.

Sign of the Times

Think of special ornaments as heirlooms. ¿When people invest in an ornament, they are looking for something that lasts a long time,¿ Shepardson says. That¿s because today¿s collector wants to pass ornaments down to children or grandchildren, she says. Choosing an ornament that displays the year tells viewers something about the ornament¿s history, prompting stories that describe special events from that period in time.

Stretch Your Budget

Use inexpensive ornaments for budget-friendly high style. Today's consumer wants to get more for less. So Shepardson suggests filling the inner branches of a Christmas tree with colorful ball ornaments that can be purchased at department stores for less than $20. Flaunt the higher-priced ornaments on the outside of the tree where they create the biggest impact, she says.

Christmas Icons

Look for childhood icons to offer a sense of nostalgia. Santa Claus, gingerbread men, and snowmen remain no-fail decorations because they remind us of our childhood, Shepardson says. Of these three icons, Santa Claus and snowman ornaments and decorations are major sellers every year, with gingerbread men gaining in popularity.

LED Lights

Switch to LED lights to save energy and reduce hassles. Although they tend to be more expensive, LED lights use less energy and last longer. Plus, when one LED bulb goes out, the whole strand doesn't go out. For environmentally-friendly LED lights with a traditional Christmas feel, Shepardson says to choose lights that feature colored bulbs or retro balls to tone down the bright light.

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