The iconic trend from the 1950s has officially made a comeback.
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Tinsel isn't just for your grandma's Christmas tree anymore! This classic holiday decor trend is coming back, and it's giving us major nostalgia for the sparkling trees our grandparents used to decorate. Tinsel was originally created in Europe in the 1600s, but it gained popularity in the United States in the 1950s and 60s as a traditional holiday decor staple. The thin sparkly strands covered every inch of trees and garlands back in the day, and we're seeing it in stores and on trees across the country. 

These days, it's a super affordable way to make your whole tree sparkle in just a few minutes. Unlike ornaments, which can be fairly expensive, you can get a pack of tinsel for as little as $1, and enough tinsel to cover an entire tree is still often less than $10. 

If you haven't decorated with it before, there really aren't any rules for how to decorate with it; just toss a handful on the tree (or anywhere else) and keep adding until it's sparkly enough for your taste! Here are a few of our favorite tinsel-covered trees to help inspire your decorating this season.

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This rainbow tinsel tree by Erika Kikola of @whilefloriansleeps is giving us a major dose of Christmas cheer. Get the look by using plain tinsel with a selection of colorful ornaments, or go all-out with rainbow tinsel ($9, Amazon). 

One of the reasons we love tinsel so much is that it just elevates whatever existing decor you have. After you've strung the lights (here's how to put them on a tree) and added ornaments, tinsel is the perfect finishing touch that'll give your tree a bit more sparkle.

We love the way this silver tinsel makes the hot pink ornaments pop on this tree by @gracefrederickdesign! The best thing about decorating with tinsel is that there's no 'right' way to do it. Simply drape the silvery strands over the branches of your tree until you reach the desired level of sparkle. 

If a big, glittery statement piece isn't your style, you can still decorate with tinsel! We love the way this tree by @my.home.her.home.twins has just enough tinsel to make the tree sparkle, without distracting from the traditional ornaments on it. 

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
December 17, 2021
I grew up with tinsel trees and love them, but the writer should have included a warning that if you have pets, DO NOT USE TINSEL! Cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds will all eat tinsel and doing so will make them very sick and possibly kill them. We're talking an emergency trip to the 24-hour clinic, if you're lucky enough to catch it in time. For all I know, small children may think tinsel looks yummy enough to eat, too. So be smart and understand that just because a look is trending, the lives of your pets (and children) come first. Also be sure to remove every piece of tinsel before recycling your tree, or your tree will be refused.