Hispanic-Themed Christmas Tree

Celebrate a Hispanic-themed holiday with a tree like this one done by the staff of Siempre Mujer magazine.

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    This tree was decorated by the staff of Siempre Mujer ("Always a Woman"), a bimonthly title aimed at Hispanic women. Editor Johanna Buchholtz-Torres says the magazine's core emphasis on the family, home, and traditional values will reach across and unify the many cultures that make up the Hispanic community.

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    Hearts and Hands

    Tissue paper flowers using multicolor tissue bring the colorful theme to the forefront. Traditional balls mix well with heart- and hand-shaped tin ornaments.

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    Ribbon Charms

    Tiny charms were sewn to sheer ribbon, adding interest and personality.

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    Silver Sprays

    Tiny silver wired ornaments are wound together to create more impact.

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    Tin Heart

    Tin ornaments, painted in vibrant hues, make eye-catching decorations.

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    Tin Hands

    A variety of tin hand ornaments add more color and interest.

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    Flagged Tree Skirt

    Inexpensive flags (all depicting Hispanic countries) were sewn to the border of the brilliant red tree skirt.

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    Tree Topper with Flags

    A tin star sits at the top of the tree, surrounded by tiny flags.

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    Hand-Painted Nativity

    A nativity scene is an essential part of any Hispanic Christmas tree, and this hand-painted scene is particularly beautiful.

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    Finished Tree

    The completed Christmas tree makes an eye-catching holiday decoration.

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