Stunning Christmas Trees from Real Homes

We didn't create these one-of-a-kind fir tree wonders -- you did. Each tree in this collection came from someone's home. This holiday season, skip the dusty box of traditional ornaments for one of these decor ideas.

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    The Works

    Round ornaments, small string lights, and thick gold ribbon woven throughout give a giant tree a classic Christmas look. Choose decor that matches the room's color palette for a festive tree that isn't too invasive.

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    Collected Goods

    Look closely, this tree has it all: gold geometric shapes, classic snowflakes, red birds, little birdhouses, black orbs, wooden garland, string lights -- probably even more hidden under branches. The trick is to spread the decorations evenly so the tree looks purposely and happily full, not sloppy and crammed.

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    Tree of Light

    The faux red berries and snow-dusted pinecones give your tree an outdoorsy look, but the extreme amount of lights is what makes this tree really shine.

    Editor's Tip: To conserve energy, we suggest keeping the lights unplugged during the day, then lighting up the room at night.

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    Mixed Metals

    Scatter silver and gold ornaments to match a corresponding silver-beaded garland and gold string lights for a polished but eclectic look.

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    Dreaming of the Beach

    Beat the winter blues with a nautical-theme Christmas tree. Starfish, lobster, and seahorse ornaments give this light green tree an ocean vibe.

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    Kids' Play

    Show off your kids' talents by displaying their creations on the family tree. They'll love decorating the tree even more!

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    Birds of a Feather

    Not a red-and-green fan? Don't let that stop you from going all out on holiday decor. Bright pink, electric blue, and lime green ornaments dress up a tree in an unconventional way. A huge bow and scattered turtle doves keep it looking Christmas-y.

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    Packed with Ephemera

    Put old cards and assorted baubles to good use as decor. Make sure your tree doesn't look too busy by sticking to a certain theme or color palette -- like silhouettes, black, white, and gold on this tree.

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    Easy Does It

    Small and scattered ornaments let the deep, rich color of this tree make a statement. Impressive Christmas decor doesn’t need to be difficult!

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    Simply Merry

    Bright lights and red ribbon tied in bows make festive look easy. Bonus points if the presents underneath the tree match the theme!

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    People Pleaser

    A mix of ornaments -- quirky (candy canes and artsy prints) and sophisticated (silver pinecones and snowflakes) -- makes for a tree that everyone in the family can admire.

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