Quick and Easy Trees

Not every room is fit for a tall tree, so try these diminutive reflections of Christmas spirit.

What You Need:

No Christmas is complete without a tree.
  • 6-inch-diameter basket container
  • Florist's foam
  • Hot-glue gun, glue sticks
  • 16-inch length of 1/4-inch diameter wooden dowel
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 12-inch-tall plastic-foam cone
  • Green sheet moss
  • Fine twigs
  • Fine wire
  • Fresh bay leaves
  • Purchased eight-point silver-star pick
  • Artificial floral berries (filler for top of basket)


1. Cut a block of florist's foam to fill basket. Hot-glue foam to inside bottom of basket. Paint wooden dowel brown; let dry.

2. Press dowel centered in the bottom of the plastic-foam cone and into the center of the florist's foam in the basket. Adjust depth of dowel until a trunk space of 4 inches remains between basket and cone. Remove dowel and place glue on both ends; insert back into holes in foam; let dry.

3. Cover exposed florist's foam in basket with green sheet moss; hot-glue in place. Arrange twigs around the dowel trunk, wrapping wire around the twigs to secure in place.

4. Working from bottom to top, circle the cone with rows of bay leaves placed side by side. Glue the stem end of the leaves to the cone, overlapping rows about one half the length of the leaves. The tips of the bay leaves curl as they dry in 2 - 3 days' time.

5. Insert the stick end of star into the top of the cone. Cover the moss-covered florist's foam with artificial floral berries.


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