Christmas Tree with Handmade Elegance

Beautiful and easy-to-make ornaments give this Christmas tree one-of-a-kind elegance.

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    Festive and Sedate

    Looking for a new way to decorate a Christmas tree? Here, festive shapes and a sedate, nontraditional color palette of soft green, gold, copper, and brown offer a fresh look.

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    Heart Felt

    All sorts of ornament shapes take on a new look when sewn from felt. On this version, contrasting felt stripes and festive beaded trim give an updated, sparkling style.

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    Sequins and Felt

    Brown felt turns glam with a gold mesh overlay. A stripe of ribbon was embellished with Swarovski crystals (though less expensive sequins or a glitter pen design could also be pretty).

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    Paper Shape

    This ornament has the look of hand-painted glass, yet the materials are simple and the technique easy. Flat cardboard shapes are faced with pieces of decorative paper (wrapping paper would be beautiful). A gold loop on top and a delicate string of beads at the bottom give the decoration more appeal.

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    Turn inexpensive gold sewing trim into something spectacular with this idea. Pinking shears offer definition to the felt bands behind a simple row of metallic gold rickrack.

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    Vertically Inclined

    This simple shape takes on new definition with an outline of Swarovski crystals and a line of golden rickrack.

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    Tree Topper

    A traditional glass tree topper was given a new look with striped bands.

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    Tree Skirt

    This circular tree skirt was custom-sewn in brown felt with a gold mesh overlay and bouillon fringe.

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    The Finished Tree

    This beautiful Christmas tree has an upscale look on a very modest budget.

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    More Themed Trees

    Check out the water-and-beach colors and sea-inspired ornaments on this coastal-themed Christmas tree.

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