Coastal-Themed Christmas Tree

See how we decorated a Christmas tree in a coastal theme.

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  • 1 of 11's Coastal Tree

    Calm ocean blues and greens are punctuated with glittery garlands of leafy kelp and underwater ferns on this coastal-inspired tree.

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    Bubbles and Balls

    Large glass ornaments in seafoam green and watery blues help pull together our coastal color scheme. Wired crystal garlands that look a bit like undersea bubbles were cut into 18-inch sections and draped over tree branches.

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    Sea Creatures

    Sparkling white star ornaments stand in for sea creatures.

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    Crystal Tassels

    Hanging crystal tassels take on the look of floating jellyfish amid the branches of glittered vines that we used as kelp.

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    We skipped traditional garland for this tree, opting to cut apart long strands of glittered fronds. These were hung vertically and draped over branches in graceful swirls.

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    Matte and Shiny

    For interest and contrast, we used a mixture of matte, pearlized, and shiny ornaments in three sizes -- medium, large, and oversize.

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    Tree Skirt

    We chose a heavy white "silence cloth" (white felt or fleece could also be used) to cut into a circular shape to use as a tree skirt. Over it we draped a string of cool-burning twinkling icicle lights, then covered everything with two layers of seafoam green tulle, scrunched and draped like ocean froth.

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    Tree Topper

    Unable to find a suitably themed tree topper, we decided to make our own. Starting with a Styrofoam ball, we stuck it with plain wooden skewers (each hot-glued to stay secure). Next we glued leafy fronds to fill in the center. Everything was given several coats of silver metallic paint and glitter spray before being wired to the top of the tree.

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    The Finished Tree

    Here's the stunning result of our labors!

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