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Whether coastal, snow-covered, or Charlie Brown-approved, these Christmas tree theme ideas are sure to make your home all the more merry. We'll help you find your true Christmas tree style and show you ways to flaunt your family's personality from skirt to star. Bonus: We've included lighting tips to make your Christmas decorations really shine.

Neutral Christmas Tree

With Christmas decorations sometimes simple is best, like in the case of this classic tree in shades of gold and white. When decorating your tree, stick to Christmas classics like white glass ball ornaments, pinecones, and wooden cut stars. Finish with a simple basket tree collar. 

Out of the Woods Tree

Fresh off the tree farm, this glowing pine dazzles with metallic baubles and homemade pinecone ornaments. The real star of the show, though? A folded kraft paper star coated in gold leaf. Who knew! Use chunky outdoor lights to give this woodsy Christmas tree theme an authentic look.

Retro Christmas Tree

Take a cue from holiday's past for this year's Christmas tree theme. A simple flocked-white Christmas tree is the perfect canvas for vintage Christmas decorations. Look for fun ornaments like mercury glass, globes, and faux candles in shades of baby blue, pink, and silver. 

Traditional Rustic Christmas Tree

Bring a cozy cabin vibe to your home by decking out your Christmas tree in traditional favorites. Red ribbon garland, pinecone stars, and woodland creature ornaments make for a rustic scheme. Add plaid details, like wrapping paper and Christmas tree ribbons, to complete the look in a way that's both classic and on-trend.

Gold Christmas Tree

Want to make a statement this year? Go for a glitzy gold Christmas tree. To get this look, use a a simple flocked or white Christmas tree and top it with oversize gold stars and metallic ball ornaments. Add a geometric star tree topper for the finishing touch. 

Collected Memories Christmas Tree

Spend time reflecting with a collected memories Christmas tree theme. Prepare well ahead of time by pulling your oldest ornaments out of storage or asking family members to send you some of theirs. Add ornaments from your parents or your grandparents and make an entire day out of decorating the tree, telling stories about the ornaments as you go.

Editor's Lighting Tip: Worried you missed a spot? Step back from the Christmas tree and look at it with your eyes crossed. Where you see dark holes, rearrange Christmas lights and fill in voids.

(image credit: Amy Buchanan)

Birds of a Feather Christmas Tree

When you love a Christmas tree theme, don't shy away from making a big statement. Glowing jewel tones are used throughout the ornaments but are the most impressive in the giant bow tree topper. Mixing in soft white bird Christmas decorations is a fun touch that highlights what this homeowner loves.

Candy Cane Christmas Tree

Get inspired by the season's signature candy! Red and white striped ribbon is the perfect Christmas decoration for this classic tree. Round out the look with glass ball ornaments in a variety of coordinating hues. 

Glowing Gold and Green Christmas Tree

When you love a specific color scheme, your decorating philosophy should be "the more the merrier." Pretty twinkling lights, shiny gold and green ornaments, and kid-friendly DIY garland are finished off with a sprinkling of artificial snow. A unique and eye-catching tree topper is the perfect final touch.

Editor's Lighting Tip: Thin out branches before decorating to make each light and ornament have more presence. 

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

You don’t have to wait for your favorite Christmas special to see a bare tree become beautiful. Fill in this sparse fir tree with silver and white Christmas tree decorations, such as snowflake ornaments and a glittery garland. Just be careful not to take it over the top. Minimalism is where it’s at!

Sweet Pink Christmas Tree

Start with a brightly colored Christmas tree for a sweet-as-can-be look. Ornaments include 3-D red paper balls and basic bulbs in pastel colors. Extra sweetness is achieved through a peppermint-dotted bow topper and homemade doughnut ornaments. The doughnuts were made with plaster in a standard doughnut-baking mold. 

(image credit: Kelly Lanza)

Family Christmas Tree

Celebrate the ones you love most with a sentimental Christmas tree. Create handmade ornaments with your children's silhouettes and hang them on a fresh evergreen tree. Keep the rest of the Christmas decorations simple in shades of white and gray. 

Mix-and-Match Tree

The best part about Christmas tree theme ideas? There are no rules! This tall stunner is dressed to the nines in mix-and-matched ornaments and keeps its aesthetic by sticking to a saturated color palette. Avoid a busy look with a simple Christmas tree ribbon, topper, and Christmas tree skirt.

Fun for the Kids Christmas Tree

For a Christmas tree that's special to your family and one-of-a-kind, decorate with handmade treasures and letters representing each relative. Art projects, sentimental ornaments, and lots of fun color make this tree unique. Want an unexpected touch? Try placing the tree in a rustic basket instead of opting for the usual Christmas tree skirt.


Bold and Graphic Christmas Tree

A white Christmas tree becomes a bold statement when done up in bright red, silver, and clear decorations. Wrap presents in graphic black-and-white patterns for continuity in theme that adds to the overall look. 

Candy-Coated White Christmas Tree

Need a fun kid's Christmas tree? This fun unicorn-theme mini tree is the perfect fit! Decorate a mini white Christmas tree with candy-theme ornaments and a handmade unicorn ornament. Give it a little sparkle with shimmery tinsel or garland. 

Scandinavian Christmas Tree

Red and white, the classic Scandinavian Christmas colors, star on this cozy tree. Use a variety of Christmas decorations to achieve the look, but keep it consistent by choosing only items in red and white. 

Glitter Christmas Tree

Instead of the expected green tree, go for a fun glitter Christmas tree. This tabletop version sparkles in a bare living room. Decorate yours with mini glass globe ornaments in a variety of shades. 

Coastal Christmas Tree

Embrace a warm-weather vibe—even if temps are more "brrrr" than beachy. Starfish, seashells, and other coastal-theme ornaments adorn this unique Christmas tree for a cheery and fun look. Add some personalization by hanging monograms. Don't own seaworthy ornaments? No problem! Watch our nifty salt dough tutorial, below.


Pop of Color Christmas Tree

Choose a fun pop of color to be the guide for your Christmas tree decorations. If you have an accent color in your home, try mirroring it in your ornament choices. Here, pink contrasts with snowy white Christmas tree decorations for a chill look that nicely complements existing decor.

Sparkly Jewel Tone Christmas Tree

Create a tree that's luminous but serene. Christmas tree ribbon in a variety of jewel tones provides rich-looking color, while silver glitter ornaments add sparkle. The end result is a sophisticated Christmas tree that quietly shines.

Photo Tag Christmas Tree

The holidays are all about family, and this Christmas tree celebrates your most cherished memories with DIY photo ornaments. Print black-and-white or sepia-tone photos and glue them atop plain paper shipping tags. The rest of the tree is simple, keeping the focus on the photos.

(image credit: Daune Pitman)

White-on-White Christmas Tree Theme

The retro white Christmas tree has returned! Go for an all-white artificial tree and stick to only silver and white Christmas tree decorations. If you aren't quite ready to go all the way with this trend, purchase a mini white Christmas tree instead and style it with white decorations to make a smaller statement on an entryway table or buffet.

(image credit: Lucy Akins)

Editor's Lighting Tip: Use three 100-light sets per foot for a fresh Christmas tree, and 50-light strands for an artificial one.

Gilded Gold Christmas Tree

Get the metallic look by adding nothing but gold to your Christmas tree. Start by creating a foundation with gold ball ornaments, then fill in with gold starbursts, gilded "Joy to the World" garland, and figurines. For added effect, first lay all the ornaments on a drop cloth and spray with a layer of glitter paint. Let dry before hanging and you’re golden.

(image credit: Mallory Fitzsimmons)

Fits Right In Tree

An easy way to bring the room together while still feeling festive? Carry the room’s color scheme and textures into the tree. Adorned with golden lights, a white pom-pom garland, and white Christmas tree decorations, this tree is just the right amount of cool and cozy. 

Santa's Workshop Christmas Tree

This festive Christmas tree theme idea is decorative and informative—from the center of the tree, a helpful arrow guides the way to Santa's workshop. To achieve a similar look, blend traditional favorites, such as red, green, and white ornament balls, with whimsical embellishments like shimmery reindeer ornaments and a quirky elf tree topper.

Family Photos Christmas Tree

Photocopy pictures, glue them to silver paper, and frame them with rickrack and other trims to turn your Christmas tree into a family scrapbook. Fill the boughs with small apples, kumquats, and vintage-style ornaments.

Editor's Lighting Tip: Pick lights in a color that matches your key ornaments (in this case, orange). That way they enhance the color scheme rather than draw away from it.

Neutral Christmas Tree

Who says neutral Christmas decorations can't stand out? Drenched in golden, copper, bronze, and cream-color hues, this twinkly tree boasts traditional Christmas beauty. Deck the tree with white Christmas lights, a gold-bead garland, copper and gold ornament balls, golden starfish, delicate off-white paper flowers, and wooden ornaments. For final touches, add a majestic crown-shape tree topper and decorate the Christmas tree skirt with brown paper-wrapped packages.

Editor's Lighting Tip: If your artificial tree is not prelit, wrap miniature Christmas lights securely around the branches so you can permanently attach them to the tree. Light each section separately. Don't cross sections or points of assembly with light strands—sections will no longer come apart easily.

Colorful Christmas Tree

Dare to be different! Make yours a unique Christmas tree by incorporating colorful ornaments instead of the expected traditional red and green ones. With white lights, a wispy gossamer garland, bright felt ornaments hung from polka-dot Christmas tree ribbon, and handwritten Christmas greetings, this Christmas tree feels youthful and fun.

Red-and-Gold Christmas Tree

Shimmery ornaments and eccentric accents give this traditional red-and-gold Christmas tree gusto. Soft white lights, chorister ornaments, and sprigs of plastic holly look fancy and festive, while the red ruffle tree topper, thick strands of gold and red sheer ribbons, and glittery gold music note, angel, and bow ornaments add a distinctly modern feel.

Editor's Lighting Tip: If your Christmas tree can only be seen from one direction, string all the Christmas lights on that side of the tree.

Bold Christmas Tree

Three colors star on this creative Christmas tree. Start with a natural garland made from wood beads. Add Christmas decorations in shades of red and black for maximum impact. We love the look of handmade chalkboard ornaments. 

Paper Stars Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree is an all-star! Simple blue, red, yellow, and purple paper stars, decorated and strung from colorful ribbons on a Christmas tree, look friendly and festive. Multicolor Christmas lights and a printed-ribbon tree topper add more color to this easily crafted Christmas tree theme.

Editor's Lighting Tip: Small twinkly lights and colored lights make more of an impact when you layer several strands and pair them with reflective ornaments.

Red, Silver, and Gold Christmas Tree

This radiant Christmas tree shimmers so sweetly it looks sugarcoated. Rather than scattering glittery red, silver, and gold ornament balls evenly throughout the Christmas tree, place them in clusters on the same branch. Delicate butterfly ornaments with sparkly gold outlines, plastic gold candles, and simple snowflake ornaments fill in the gaps. Top the tree with an oversize, elaborate red-and-gold bow with fluttering tails.

Editor's Lighting Tip: To illuminate your unique Christmas tree from the inside out, string lights around the base of the trunk and work your way up the tree, wrapping individual branches from the trunk to the tip of the branch and back.

Blue-and-White Christmas Tree

This little snowman must have worked hard on this blue-and-white Christmas tree theme idea. Bedecked with blue and white Christmas tree decorations such as stretchable fake snow, snowflake ornaments, ornament balls, and overlapping blue-and-white beaded garlands, this Christmas tree theme is beautifully busy. For more blue-and-white decor, craft an elaborate tree topper from snowflakes, plastic sprigs of blueberries, and shimmery white-and-blue Christmas tree ribbon.

Editor's Lighting Tip: Use Christmas lights all of the same wattage. This will prevent power surges and prolong the life of the bulbs.

American Pride Christmas Tree

Let your true colors show by decorating your Christmas tree in patriotic red, white, and blue. The all-American look adapts well to December or July!

Editor's Lighting Tip: Watch ads closely for the best sales on Christmas lights as it gets closer to tree decorating time, and be open to where you shop for Christmas lights—the hardware store, grocery store, and crafts store are all good places to get your lights.

Black-and-White Silhouette Christmas Tree

Use old-fashioned framed silhouettes in a fresh, updated way—as Christmas tree decorations. Hang them on the tree with green Christmas tree ribbon, then embellish with silver mementos and sprigs of faux white berries to complete the classic look.

Editor's Lighting Tip: Match the color of your Christmas lights with the color of your ornaments to create a classy, monochromatic look for your Christmas tree theme.

Mitten and Ice Skates Christmas Tree

Celebrate the signs of winter by filling the boughs of your Christmas tree with mittens and ice skates in coordinating colors. Wire the skates sturdily to the trunk and space them evenly to balance the tree.

Editor's Lighting Tip: The best way to untangle Christmas tree lights is by winding the strands on your arm, making sure that you don't pull on any of the bulbs while unwinding. Before you start untangling, plug in the strand of lights to see which bulbs need to be replaced—don't wait until the lights are on the tree to find out which lights don't work!

Sparkling Starfish Christmas Tree

What better time to recall balmy summer days on the beach than in the chilling depths of winter? Outfit a standard Christmas tree with glittering starfish and simple green flowers to remind you of the warmer days to come.

Editor's Lighting Tip: The best way to store Christmas tree lights is to wrap them on your arm when taking them down and secure the finished circle with a tie in the middle. If you saved the original box, slip them around the cardboard that came with your lights and store them in the box. Manual and motorized coils that are specifically made to store Christmas tree lights are another option for light storage.

Little Presents Christmas Tree

Who says presents have to go under the tree? With these simple gift-box ornaments, there are plenty of presents to go around. For an extra surprise on Christmas morning, use one of the ornaments for a small gift, such as jewelry.

Editor's Lighting Tip: For a fun Christmas tree theme idea, pick up some lights that put on a show, such as LED lights that blink to the tune of popular Christmas carols or just on their own.

Miniature Village Christmas Tree

Hang tiny cardboard houses, churches, and other buildings on the tree to give the appearance of a little village set on a mountainside. Add ribbon garland to mimic winding roadways. These miniature houses are reproductions of ornaments made in the 1920s and 1930s. Some of these ornaments include an opening in the back for tree lights, allowing the village to be illuminated.

Editor's Lighting Tip: Green Christmas tree lights add subtlety to a holiday evergreen. Decorate with green and silver ornament balls to complete the look.

Family Heritage Christmas Tree

Decorate your tree to reflect your family heritage. Here, Swedish and Danish flag garlands mix with straw, felt, wood, and glass ornaments to dress the unique Christmas tree in a Scandinavian theme.

Editor's Lighting Tip: For a bold look on your Christmas tree, try decorating with bigger lights. Bigger lights cover more area, so lessen the number of ornaments you use so your tree isn't too crowded.

Blanket of Snow Tree

To create a convincing effect of thick snow, lay lengths of rolled cotton along the branches of your tree. Then sprinkle crystal snow over the cotton. Take it one step further by layering it it atop your Christmas tree skirt.

Editor's Lighting Tip: Create the same snowy effect for your Christmas lights by sprinkling faux snow on top of the strands once they're hung on the tree.

Silver Sparkle Christmas Tree

If your holidays are all sparkle and shine, you can't go wrong decking a tree in a silvery star garland, giant silver Christmas balls, shiny white ribbon, and twinkling stars for a dramatic effect.

Editor's Lighting Tip: Plug your Christmas tree lights into a special dimmer outlet so you can raise or lower the lights depending on the holiday mood you want to create.

Frozen Tree

Decorate a tree even Elsa would approve of. Start with a silver artificial tree, then watch it come to life with gold Christmas lights, a heaping of glittering tinsel, and ornaments in various blue hues. A white fur Christmas tree skirt is the perfect snowy finish.

Artsy Christmas Tree

Here's a Christmas tree theme idea: Swap your usual ornaments with homemade artwork. Hole-punch sweet drawings and crafts created over the years, then let the little ones string and hang upon the tree. Fill in the gaps with kid-approved candy canes for a sweet finish!

Sparse Christmas Tree

Next time you're looking for a tree, don't overlook those with sparse branches. They make a striking minimalist statement and allow your Christmas decorations to shine. Decorate it with a mix of handmade ornaments and purchased baubles. 

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