Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas

chunky pink braided tree skirt

Whether you're interested in handcrafting your own Christmas tree skirt, or you're looking to purchase the perfect one, we have the best ideas for you. Ranging from easy felt skirts with a modern holiday look to hand-stitched country masterpieces, you're sure to find a Christmas tree skirt that fits your decor and personal style.

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Arm-Knit Tree Skirt

chunky pink braided tree skirt

Repurpose that arm-knit blanket into a simple yet stunning tree skirt. Create a basic blanket and wrap it around the base of your tree. The loose chunky texture is the perfect contrast to the branches and decorations.

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Cable-Knit Christmas Tree Skirt

Easy Cable-Knit Christmas Tree Skirt

A stunning cable-knit throw becomes the skirt around the base of this Christmas tree. Easy to stitch, the top is cut in one piece with the cable textures running parallel across the entire shape—no piecing required, and no need to match patterns. Polish off the look with pretty poinsettias.

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Fringed Fleece Tree Skirt

knotted fleece tree skirt with gifts

It doesn't get cozier than this handmade Sherpa fleece tree skirt. Made with a simple fringing technique, you can display it on either side. Finish it with a simple pom-pom tree.

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DIY Christmas Tree Collar


Instead of the classic tree skirt, try a chic Christmas tree collar. This version is made from a plain basket and a bit of DIY. Set your tree inside and that's it—customize it with paint or by weaving in colorful ribbon, yarn, or twine.

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Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Tree Skirt

Felt Snowflake Christmas Tree Skirt

Snowflakes are an iconic symbol of winter's arrival, and during the holidays, the motif is abundantly available throughout stores. For this tree skirt, cut a circle from white felt, adding a slit for the tree. Collect gray and blue felt snowflakes in all shapes and sizes and hot-glue them to the white felt. Embrace the wintry theme by adding snowflake embellishments around the house.

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Sewn Fabric Tree Skirt

blue fabric tree skirt

Customize your Christmas tree with a handmade skirt that's as unique as your holiday decor. This one is sewn together in any fabric you like. Get creative with your color scheme, as we did with this retro blue pattern.

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Colorful Circles Christmas Tree Skirt


Ring your evergreen with colorful circles in this super-easy tree skirt. Cut a large circle from green felt, adding a slit for the tree. Decorate the edges in a festive ball ornament theme by adding various sizes of felt circles in shades of red and green.

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Ornament-Trimmed Christmas Tree Skirt


Don't just trim your Christmas tree with ornaments—this festive tree skirt is the perfect holiday statement for a beautifully decorated tree.

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Vintage Christmas Tree Skirt


This vintage Christmas tree skirt is actually a vintage dress skirt found at a thrift store. While you're shopping for gifts, keep your eyes open for fabrics, dresses, or skirts with simple designs that bring interest, without drawing too much attention away from the tree.

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Radiant Ribbon Christmas Tree Skirt

FestofTrees_Close up of bottom ribbons and bulb tree

Tie together your Christmas color scheme with this tree skirt made from richly colored ribbons. Cut varying lengths of thick, wire-edge ribbon in different colors, then attach them to the tree trunk with florist's wire.

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Simply Rustic Christmas Tree Skirt


Keep your under-the-tree decorations simple and classy. Pair two burlap shapes for a rustic tree skirt that works with a variety of decorating colors. All you have to do is cut the burlap, leaving the raw edges intact, and attach the two pieces together using a single topstitch.

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Modern Christmas Tree Skirt


Create a bold, modern Christmas tree skirt by embellishing the felted wool fabric base with geometric shapes in trendy colors. Continue the color pattern by mimicking it in your ornaments.

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O Holy Night Christmas Tree Skirt

O Holy Night Stenciled Christmas Tree Skirt

This Christmas tree skirt bears a merry message applied with custom-cut stencils and black fabric paint on linen. Machine-stitch the outside of the circle together with another circle cut from matelasse fabric. Then, weave-stitch the two together.

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Feliz Navidad Christmas Tree Skirt


Inspired by the Wild West, this festive tree skirt can be made from any colorfully woven Mexican blanket. Frame the skirt with a feathery edge to carry out the tribal theme.

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Adironack Christmas Tree Skirt


Keep your Christmas tree warm and cozy with this skirt pieced together from various plaid and country-style patterned fabric squares. Line the skirt with soft wool to enhance the country theme.

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Jolly Holly Christmas Tree Skirt

Holly-design tree skirt

This handmade felt Christmas tree skirt is so much fun to make (and festive under the tree) that you won't want to cover it in gifts. For the skirt, cut a fabric circle with a slit for the tree. Cut holly leaves in two colors and sizes (about 24 and 26 inches) of felt and add red circles for berries. Hand-stitch long, straight stitches with embroidery floss down the center of the leaves, then glue on the leaves and red berries.

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Gift-Theme Christmas Tree Skirt


Think outside of the box—or maybe we should say inside the box—with this Christmas tree "skirt" idea. Instead of wrapping the base of the tree, paint a wooden box like a large gift and place the tree inside.

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Easy No-Sew Pink Christmas Tree Skirt


Give your nontraditional Christmas tree a unique skirt. Glue wedges of colorful textured felt or fabric to a circular base for an instant pop of color and festive flair. Trim the felt or fabric seams with different colors and sizes of rickrack. Finish the outer edge by gluing on a pom-pom fringe.

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