Stunning Christmas Tree Pictures: Get Inspired!

tree with mittens and ice skates

Design a standout holiday tree decked with timeless Christmas ornaments, eye-catching garland, and beautiful decorations. Our collection of colorful, crafty, and creative Christmas tree pictures could inspire your first white Christmas tree or spark unique touches to a traditional family theme. Plus, these tree decorations can help you gather ideas for handmade ornaments and creating your own creative Christmas tree theme.

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Rustic Neutral Tree

christmas tree in living room

This year, trim the tree with pops of white and brown. This neutral tree mixes seamlessly with other charming holiday decorations. It allows the beauty of the evergreen Christmas tree to shine through the ornaments and decorations.

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Red and White Tree

christmas tree and presents

This Christmas tree is as sweet as a candy cane and just as colorful! To make this Christmas tree theme your own, replace classic garland with a thick, striped ribbon. Add coordinating Christmas ornaments of metallic red and glittering silver to finish this merry-and-bright holiday decoration.

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Gilded Christmas Tree

Real Home Christmas Tree, Assorted Ornaments, Gold Presents

Try a Christmas tree that's as good as gold. Handmade geometric ornaments add a metallic pop to this modern Christmas tree. Finish the look with a chunky wood garland and fun chalkboard ornaments.

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Blue and Silver Christmas Tree

Shelf Space

Forget a white Christmas—this year we're feeling blue. This winter-inspired Christmas tree with blue and silver ornaments is perfect for a more modern holiday display.

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Red and Lime Christmas Tree

christmas tree

Use playful lime Christmas ornaments instead of more traditional emerald green to put a twist on your Christmas tree theme. This tree highlights bold metallics and ties together other bright Christmas decorations in the room.

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Flocked Retro Tree

christmas tree and presents

Dreaming of a white Christmas tree? Thankfully, flocked Christmas trees are always in style! This pastel beauty gets its nontraditional color scheme from vintage ornaments and a metallic bead garland. Coordinate wrapped gift bows to finish the Christmas theme.

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Bright and Bold Tree

Christmas, stockings, holiday decor, gifts, tree, fireplace, Christmas Living Rooms

You can't go wrong with timeless Christmas classics. This traditional Christmas tree theme shines with white snowflake ornaments and pops of bright red.

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Icicle-Covered Christmas Tree

Metallic Touches for Your Tree

This white Christmas tree boasts elegant icicles and draped cream ornaments for a serene holiday theme. The classic ornaments featured as tree decorations are dramatic and gorgeous, creating a display that's certain to make the "ice" list.

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Banner Christmas Tree

christmas tree

Homemade pennant banners give this elegant Christmas tree a cute, crafty look. Making all the banners in cream tones keeps the look streamlined.

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Crafty Christmas Tree

Christmas tree with oversize ornaments

Ruched paper medallions and bold red ornaments create a festive, homespun theme on this Christmas tree. The decorations are simple and bright, allowing the beauty of this tree to shine through.

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Tres Chic Christmas Tree

Pink and green tree

If classic Christmas isn't your style, choose a less traditional Christmas tree. We love this country French tinsel tree, which creates a chic tabletop display during the holiday season.

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White Tabletop Christmas Tree

white miniature christmas tree

Bright winter whites are the focal point of this tabletop Christmas tree. Decorate a white Christmas tree with simple metallic glass ornaments and finish with white-wrapped gifts.

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Bright and Bubbly Christmas Tree

Bright and Cheery Christmas Tree Decorations

We love this Christmas tree display's brilliant and unconventional color scheme. Try the combo of bubble gum pink and French blues throughout your holiday decorations for a creative Christmas theme.

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Homemade Christmas Tree

Miniature Christmas Tree

Crafty paper Christmas ornaments and a homemade bead garland make this tiny Christmas tree one-of-a-kind. Take a cue from Charlie Brown—sometimes a tabletop Christmas with a little love is the very best theme.

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Gold-Decorated Christmas Tree

Natural Christmas Living Room

We love the all-over gold glam theme on this Christmas tree. The pretty metallic Christmas ornaments and gold-flecked burlap ribbon pull together the warm colors in the rest of the room.

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Less Is More Christmas Tree

Heritage Inspiration

When your Christmas tree is part of a fully decorated room, keeping the tree decorations simple can be an easy way to create balance. We love how the minimalist Christmas ornaments on this tree make a big impact.

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All-in-White Christmas Tree

christmas tree

Simple string lights and a beaded garland give this white Christmas tree an effortless elegance. The midsize tree balances effortlessly on the living room tabletop, leaving plenty of space for other holiday decorations.

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Sky Blue Christmas Tree

Green, Blue, and Silver Color Scheme

Christmas ornaments in shades of sky blue stand out against an evergreen tree, creating a cool-hued theme for families exploring untraditional Christmas tree decorations.

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Vintage Christmas Tree


Deck your tree in vintage Christmas ornaments for a timeless, colorful look that references ceramic Christmas trees, vintage in feel. Our retro Christmas tree theme relies on metallic ornaments from top to bottom for a traditional, bright display.

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Delicate Christmas Tree

christmas tree

If you prefer a small-but-sweet Christmas tree, make sure the decorations mirror that theme. We recommend delicate paper ornaments that won't overwhelm a spindly Christmas tree.

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Bold Red Christmas Tree

Tabletop Christmas Tree

A small Christmas tree can make plenty of impact with the right holiday decorations. Large red ornaments give this tabletop Christmas tree an eye-catching spot in the middle of the room.

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Woodland Christmas Tree

Rustic Christmas Tree Decorations

A natural Christmas tree covered in frosty snowflake ornaments feels right at home in this lodge-like living room.

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Bright White Christmas Tree

White Faux Christmas Tree

Colorful Christmas ornaments in bright citrus shades make this white Christmas tree feel playful and fresh.

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Sparkling Tabletop Tree

Silver and Gold Tabletop Christmas Tree

This tabletop Christmas tree features twinkling decorations complete with detailed ornaments made from the text-covered pages of a book.

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Santa Claus-Themed Christmas Tree

Scandinavian tree

Make your Christmas tree good, for goodness sake! Christmas magic feels like a reality when you cover your tree with a multitude of Santa ornaments.

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Coastal Christmas Tree

green flowers and starfish christmas tree

Add a touch of the sea to your Christmas tree with delicate white starfish ornaments and lime-color hydrangeas as tree decorations.

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Americana Christmas Tree

patriotic tree

If your home's decor is traditional, take cues from this Christmas tree and go all-out USA with your decorations. The DIY Christmas ornaments feature the American flag but can be customized for whichever country you call home.

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Family Photo Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decorated with small apples, kumquats and pinecones

Loving the family memories on this Christmas tree? Make the theme your own by transforming framed photos into Christmas ornaments.

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Retro Christmas Tree

Red and White Christmas Tree Decorations

When it comes to Christmas ornaments, sometimes less is more. We love how the minimal yet colorful ornaments on this Christmas tree mimic the throwback vibe of the whole living room. Add a ceramic Christmas tree to your mantel—vintage Christmas magic!

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Colorful Christmas Tree

Lit Christmas Tree

Brighten a neutral room with a rainbow of metallic ornaments on the Christmas tree. This gorgeous Christmas tree theme proves that a big tree can be worth the extra work.

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Santa's Workshop Christmas Tree

Santa¿s Workshop Christmas Tree

The classic red and green Christmas ornaments on this holiday tree get a hint of mischief when mixed with elf-friendly decorations.

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Traditional Christmas Tree

christmas tree

We love a tall and stately Christmas tree that sticks to tradition. These simple Christmas ornaments and decorations keep the focus on what's underneath: a timeless family tree.

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Glowing Christmas Tree

christmas tree

Let it glow, let it glow! When covered in yellow lights and topped with a shimmering star, this classic tree is at its best all lit up.

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Winter Fun Christmas Tree

tree with mittens and ice skates

A Christmas tree adorned with ice skates and mitten ornaments embraces a playful theme that's carried throughout the rest of the room.

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