Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Give your Christmas tree a personal touch with holiday decorations and a theme that suits your decorating style.

Try a fun twist when decorating your Christmas tree this year by giving it a theme. A collective theme adds flair to your Christmas tree and will wow holiday guests, plus they make decorating easier by narrowing down your choices. First, pick your theme, and then select ornaments and a garland that will match. From themes that match your home's decor to themes that represent your family's personality, we have several inspirations for your Christmas tree themes.

Traditional Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Dress up your Christmas tree with traditional decorations featuring round glass ornaments, twinkling lights, and ribbon garland. With traditional themes it's best to choose a color scheme, but that doesn't mean your tree has to sport the classic red-and-green decorations. For a refreshing spin on traditional, try a blue-and-white or lime-and-pink color scheme. If you want a monochromatic finish, your Christmas tree will really shine with gold ribbon, clear or yellow lights, and gold ornaments.

Get inspiration for decorating your tree with our ideas for traditional Christmas tree themes:

Traditional Christmas Tree Themes

Handmade Elegance Christmas Tree Theme

Nontraditional Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Displaying a modern Christmas tree is a great creative outlet during the holidays. Break free of traditional design and have fun with unconventional accents. Instead of basic ornaments, hang items such as oversize monograms, candy, or a metal garland. For a patriotic-theme Christmas tree, decorations could include a good mix of red, white, and blue ornaments, carefully placed American flags, and a sparkling red star for the very top.

Get inspiration for decorating your tree with our ideas for nontraditional Christmas tree themes:

Contemporary Christmas Tree Themes

Coastal-Theme Christmas Tree

White Christmas Tree Theme

Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Family Items

A simple tree decorating choice is to showcase your family's personality and interests. After all, nothing says tradition more than a tree that's all about your home and family. Choose a theme based on what you love, such as the beach or toys, and then gather ornaments and a garland to match. A family of musicians, for example, might use records as ornaments and create a garland of discs that form the word "jingle." Or hang silhouettes of your family to recognize each family member's place in your home this holiday.

Get inspiration for decorating your tree with our ideas for personal touches:

Creative Christmas Tree Themes

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Get some creative ideas for decorating your Christmas tree with color, texture, and style.


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