A Festival of Christmas Trees

The editors of Special Interest Publications, Midwest Living, Creative Collection, and BHG.com share their best holiday decorating ideas in the Festival of Trees and Lights.

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    Special Interest Publications: Kaleidoscope

    These decorations take ornamental balls to a whole new level. Nearly 800 brightly colored ornaments create a rainbow that cascades down the entire tree.

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    Special Interest Publications: Tree Skirt of Ribbons

    Create a tree skirt by tying ribbons to the bottom of the tree so that they flow out from beneath. This is a great way to tie the whole color scheme together.

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    Midwest Living: Elements of Nature

    The "Bounty of the Midwest" tree is decorated with earth-tone colors and orange silk roses. To add to the natural theme, the editors used wheat bundles, dried hydrangea, and magnolia evenly throughout the tree.

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    Midwest Living: Golden Glow

    The glow of the gold lights adds warmth to the orange silk roses and wheat bundles nestled on evergreen branches.

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    Creative Collection: Array of Pheasant Feathers

    Nestled by a warm fireplace, this tree is adorned with soft, rust-colored bows and ornamental balls. Anchored in an iron urn, the tree is complete with white lights that glisten around the large pheasant feathers and fall foliage.

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    Creative Collection: Artichoke Detail

    Large, textured artichokes surrounded by ribbons are tucked within the tree to build on the nature theme.

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    Creative Collection: Pheasant Tree Topper

    Add life to your tree topper by gluing ornamental pheasants to a cone-shaped basket filled with foliage and flowers.

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    Creative Collection: Pinecone Accent

    Twelve-inch pinecones bring an outdoorsy atmosphere inside. They're attached to the tree with wire and dressed up with fall foliage.

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    BHG.com: Fantasy Tree

    Green and silver accents make the BHG.com tree a holiday favorite. Decorated with silvery netting, green ornamental balls, dragonflies, and sparkling artificial foliage, the tree brings nearly all of the seasons together.

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    BHG.com: White Santas

    Add a winter wonderland aura to any tree with a jolly, white-felt Santa. Several different Santas are tied sparingly around the tree to emphasize the holiday.

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    BHG.com: Golden Butterflies

    With wingspans of nearly 10 inches, these butterflies, dusted with gold sparkles, add life and beauty to the tree. The butterflies represent signs of spring and the gardening season.

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    BHG.com: Sparkling Pear

    This holiday pear shimmers against the white lights while drawing attention to the seasonal holiday food.

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    BHG.com: Chandelier Crystals

    Elegant chandelier crystals accented with orange and green crystal beads dangle from the evergreen branch.

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