Vellum Stockings

These paper stockings cleverly stow gift certificates, cash, or similar flat items.

For some people, gift certificates are the very best gift of all. But if you're the type who dislikes giving them because they seem impersonal, put some thought into the presentation.

These stockings made from patterned vellum and other papers cleverly stow certificates, cash, or similar flat items. Trims, such as bands of ribbon and beading, make these paper versions almost worthy of hanging from a mantel.


  • Tracing paper
  • Papers: solid red, patterned vellum, and coordinating patterned papers
  • Scissors: deckle-edge and straight
  • Stylus
  • Craft glue
  • Embellishments, such as ribbon and beads

Vellum stocking and cuff patterns


  1. Trace the pattern from the pattern pack onto tracing paper. Cut out the shape.
  2. For each stocking, trace the stocking shape onto the solid red paper and the patterned vellum, making sure the toe points in the same direction.
  3. Use deckle-edge scissors to cut out the red stocking, which is the stocking back.
  4. Use straight scissors to cut out the vellum, which is the stocking front, trimming 3/4 inch smaller than the back along the curved edges.
  5. Cut a cuff sized to fit the stocking from desired coordinating patterned paper.
  6. Using a stylus, score the stocking back 3/16 inch in from the curved edges.
  7. Clip to the scored line. Fold the deckle edge along the scored line.
  8. Place the vellum stocking front over the red stocking back, encasing the vellum edges with the folded-over back edges. Glue the deckle edges to the vellum.
  9. Trim the patterned cuff by gluing on additional patterned papers, ribbon, or beading.
  10. Glue the cuff to the stocking front.


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