Make a Felted Wool Christmas Stocking

Modern meets vintage on this simple-to-sew stocking.

What You Need

  • Tracing paper
  • Felted wool fabrics (see felting instructions below): 18-x-18-inch square of hot pink, 4-x-18-inch piece of green houndstooth, 5-x-5-inch square of ivory, 3-x-3-inch square of light pink, and scraps of light green
  • Caron Wildflowers thread: Cerise (055)
  • Embroidery floss: dark pink, green, and tan
  • Large dark pink beads

Download Stocking Pattern

How to Make It

  1. Felt the Wool: Place 100-percent wool fabric in a top-loading washing machine (a front-loading machine will not work). Fill the machine with hot water. Agitate the fabric on the longest cycle and rinse it in cold water. Place the wool in the dryer for 30 minutes on regular heat.
  2. Prepare the Pattern Pieces: Trace the patterns from above; cut out the shapes. From hot pink, cut two stockings and one 1/2-x- 6-inch hanging loop. From green houndstooth, cut one 4-x-14-inch cuff, one toe, and one heel. From ivory, cut four flowers. From light pink, cut four flower centers. From light green scraps, cut two leaves.
  3. Blanket-Stitch the Appliques: Pin the heel and toe on the stocking front. Use Cerise to blanket-stitch the straight edges of the heel and toe to the stocking front. Position a flower center on an ivory flower. Use three strands of dark pink floss to blanket-stitch the flower center to the flower and attach three or four beads. Repeat with the remaining flower pieces. Blanket-stitch along the bottom edge of the cuff with Cerise. Pin leaves and one flower on the center front of the cuff. Remove the flower. Use three strands of green floss to blanket-stitch the leaves in place and straight-stitch the leaf veins. Reposition the flower, and center the three remaining flowers along the bottom front of the cuff. Blanket-stitch each in place with three strands of tan floss, continuing the stitching along the edges that extend below the cuff.
  4. Assemble the Stocking: Pin the stocking front to the back with wrong sides facing. Blanket-stitch the stocking edges together with Cerise, leaving the top open. Pin the wrong side of the cuff to the right side of the stocking along the top edge, placing the short cuff edges at the stocking back. Fold the hanging loop in half. Tuck the ends between the cuff and stocking at the top (heel) corner. Use Cerise to blanket-stitch the cuff to the stocking, securing the hanging loop in the seam; also blanket-stitch the short cuff edges together.


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