Pretty Felt Stockings

Pretty hanging stockings are a Christmas classic. This year, make your own DIY stockings out of felt; it's an easy and sweet way to add a homemade touch to a favorite holiday tradition.

Making a gorgeous felt stocking is easier than you think! A pretty braided trim makes this pretty stocking pop!

Homemade stockings might be our favorite Christmas tradition, so we've rounded up some of our favorite DIY creations. Cut a stocking pattern entirely out of felt, or use pretty felt embellishments to dress up an ordinary store-bought stocking. We have easy felt projects for every skill level, so making stockings to hang before Santa comes down the chimney will be a breeze! 

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Braided Felt Stockings

A few sheets of felt and a pretty braided accent make these pretty stockings oh-so-easy! Cut out two identical stocking shapes and use hot glue to secure the edges, forming a closed stocking; don't forget to leave the top open! Then braid long strips of felt to create a pretty border that covers the glued edges of the stocking. Use braids in the same color as the main stocking, or switch it up to create a colorful hanging display. Add festive poms and tassels to create gorgeous stockings that Santa can't wait to fill! 

Poinsettia Stocking

Easy felt poinsettias add a festive touch to a plain store-bought stocking. Cut the flower shapes from white felt, and use our easy trick to get the petals just right. Add mini poms in a contrasting color to form the flowers' centers - use a red, white and green combination to form a traditional stocking, or add a fun pop of color for a more modern look. Complete the stocking with a bright accent across the top - we love this string of multicolor poms! 

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Felt Flower Stocking

We love adding easy felt flowers to a purchased or upcycled stocking, becuase they're so easy to create. Make a set of fast and easy felt flowers in your favorite colors, and use hot glue to attach to a plain stocking. Use red felt flowers and green leaves for a traditional Christmas stocking, or use each person's favorite colors to create a set of gorgeous and unique DIY stockings. We love the idea of collecting similarly-colored stockings in different patterns, and tying the collection together with a homemade accent.

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Felt Peppermint Stockings

Use our free downloadable patterns to create these gorgeous peppermint-theme stockings. Start by cutting stocking shapes from red and green felt. Then create a set of pretty felt candies and use a sewing machine to stitch a swirl pattern over the top; attach these to the front of your stitched stocking. We love the red, green, and pink color scheme here!

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Bright Blooms Stocking

Use a sewing machine and pretty red felt to stitch together a homemade two-tone stocking. To add the floral accents, cut and sew petals of a bright contrasting color. Layer the petals with festive fringed circles and other accents and stitch to attach to the stockings. Repeat the process with felt flowers in everyone's favorite colors to create a set of personalized stockings for everyone in the family!

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