These fun and easy no-sew stockings are sure to brighten up your fireplace this Christmas. Add an unexpected pop of color to your holiday mantel by using bold colors like blue, orange, and pink. Plus, get our tips for making perfect tassels.


Making and attaching these tassels is almost more fun than filling the stockings! Paired with a boho lace trim, these modern stockings are the perfect colorful Christmas accent. 

Purchased tassels and trim are a speedy shortcut for these colorful stockings. Look for them at the crafts supply store. 

What You'll Need

  • Embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • Tassel maker
  • Knitted stocking
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks or fabric glue
  • Boho lace trim
  • Tassel trim

How to Make It

1. Loop embroidery thread around a tassel maker to create a 2 1/2-inch tassel. Repeat using different colors of thread to make several tassels.

2. Cut a 10-inch length of boho lace trim. Fold the trim into a V shape and glue to the front of the stocking, leaving the bottom edge free, so the V lays flat and center on the front of the stocking. Fold the ends over the lip at the top of the stocking and secure with glue. The V shape should hang loosely over the front of the stocking. 



3. Create a tassel cord by looping thread through several brightly colored tassels, then tying the threads together.

4. Place the tassel trim along the V shape and glue to the underside of the lace trim. Glue the tassel cord to the underside of the tassel trim so it hangs down the front of the stocking. Run embroidery thread through a single tassel and fold the thread over the top of the stocking. Use glue to secure the thread so the tassel hangs loosely down the center.



5. Hang and enjoy! For a photo-ready display, fill the bottom of the stocking with tissue or paper so it looks full. 


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