11 DIY Christmas Stockings for a Fun Holiday Touch

Easy Pom-Pom Stocking
Photo: Marty Baldwin

Add a personal touch to your holiday decor with Christmas stockings you create yourself. From no-sew to embroidery, we'll help you hang a stocking that Santa can't wait to fill.

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Felt Flower Stockings

Felt Flower Stockings
Marty Baldwin

Dress up a plain white store-bought stocking with easy felt peonies and felt roses for a gorgeous (and easy!) personalized stocking. Make flowers in various colors of felt, and hot-glue an arrangement of felt blooms to each stocking.

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Easy Fabric Stockings

A Plated Display

Here's how to make Christmas stockings from patterned fabric and upholstery webbing:

  1. Fold ½ yard of red, white, or patterned fabric in half, right sides together. Trace a stocking shape onto the fabric and cut out two shapes.
  2. With right sides together, sew around the stocking shape with a running stitch, leaving the top open. Turn the top edge inside and hem, then turn the stocking inside out.
  3. Pin upholstery webbing around the top of the stocking and stitch in place.
  4. Create a loop with ribbon or lace and tack in place with a stitch at the top.
  5. Add a bow or trim around the top with a strip of lace or ribbon and secure with a running stitch or whipstitch.
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No-Sew Tassel Stockings

No-Sew Tassel Stockings
Marty Baldwin

You won't believe how easy it is to make these no-sew tassel Christmas stockings. Pair tassels with boho lace fringe trim ($7, Joann) for a pretty and unique homemade stocking.

Editor's Tip: Purchased tassels and trim are a speedy shortcut for these colorful stockings. Look for them at the crafts supply store.

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Tailored Design Stockings

Tailored Design Stockings
Jay Wilde

Textural fabrics and neatly-tailored cuffs make smart impressions on this handsome holiday pair. Stitch one stocking in houndstooth wool with a burlap cuff and the other in a rose print with a herringbone cuff.

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Sensational No-Sew Stockings


Transform ready-made felt stockings from dull to dazzling by gluing on glittery sequins, pom-poms, fringe, fabric yo-yos, or rhinestone pins.

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Felt Poinsettia Stocking

Felt Stocking

A felt poinsettia stocking is the perfect mix of fun and traditional! Make felt poinsettias with white felt ($1, Michaels) and add small pom-poms for a pop of color. Then, attach the flowers to a store-bought classic stocking and use a strand of a pom-pom garland ($5, Target) to give the top of the stocking a finishing touch.

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Braided Felt Stocking

Felt Stocking, stockings, Holiday decor

This homemade stocking is so easy to create; all you need are a few pieces of felt, a hot glue gun ($5, Walmart), and some fun embellishments:

  1. Cut two stocking patterns out of felt and glue them together by the sides, creating a stocking form—don't forget to leave the top open!
  2. Using the same color of felt, cut several long, thin strips, and braid. Hot glue the braid over the outside of the stocking to hide the glued edges, looping the braid at the top to form a hanging loop.
  3. Add a few pom-poms, tassels or other fun accents, and wait for Santa to fill the stockings!
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Shimmering-Star Wool Stockings

Shimmering Star Wool Stockings

Adorn homemade wool stockings with easy-to-make trims—mismatched buttons and cardboard stars covered in German glass glitter give these classic stockings a perfect vintage feel. Hang with a cream-color ribbon tied in a bow, stitched to the top left corner of the soft wool stocking.

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Tinsel Tree Stocking


Adorn a purchased or handmade stocking with a green-and-blue tinsel tree for a unique and colorful look at Christmas:

  1. Remove the metal loops on the backsides of blue fabric buttons.
  2. Place the buttons face up on a protected surface and spray the top and edges with adhesive. Roll them in glitter; let dry.
  3. For the tree trunk and branches, cut lengths of tinsel garland to fit the stocking shape and stitch in place; stitch six small blue ornaments in place on the tinsel branches.
  4. Glue glitter-covered buttons onto the stocking cuff, and stitch a garland loop on the cuff for hanging.
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Glittery Monogram Stocking


Personalize a plain stocking with a sparkling monogram in just a few minutes. Thread tiny silver beads ($2, Michaels) onto thin wire, shaping the wire to form an initial. Secure the letter to the stocking with a few stitches.

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Stitched Stocking


Embellish a white felt stocking with red embroidery floss in a neat row of "X"s. Take it up a notch by stitching your little one's name on the cuff.

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