This soft polka-dot stocking is perfect for your little one's first Christmas.

Updated February 17, 2017

What You Need

  • Tracing paper or copier
  • 1/4 yard dotted print fleece fabric
  • 1/4 yard white flannel
  • Scissors
  • 1/8-inch-wide cording or satin ribbon
  • Matching threads

Download the Stocking Pattern

How to Make It

  1. Enlarge patterns and cut out. With right sides of fleece fabric together, cut 2 from stocking pattern. Cut 2 from white flannel (with bottom on fold) for each cuff. Cut a 1-x-6-inch piece of fleece fabric to be used for the hanging loop.
  2. Sew stocking pieces together, right sides together, using 1/4-inch seam line. Clip curves; turn right side out; press.
  3. For loop, fold long edges together, right sides together and stitch using 1/4-inch seam. Turn right side out. Fold in half with top raw edges even. Place loop inside stocking at top edge, having loop hang down inside stocking. Baste in place at side edge of stocking.
  4. For cuff, print out desired name or writing for stocking from computer font choices or hand letter, as desired. Trace writing onto one cuff piece (with fold at bottom). Couch cording or ribbon by placing trim over letter lines and tacking on by stitching with matching thread along side edges of trim and through cuff fabric. Continue to take small, hidden stitches over trim and through cuff fabric to attach trim to cuff. If desired, treat edges with a small dot of clear-drying glue or fabric fray check product to help maintain a crisp cut.
  5. With right sides together, sew side edges of cuff and cuff lining, using 1/4-inch seam. Turn right side out and fold in half along bottom fold line. Insert cuff inside stocking with top raw edges even. The right side of the cuff with the writing trim should be facing the wrong side of the front stocking piece. Stitch top seam in a 3/8-inch seam to attach cuff to stocking, also stitching through hanging loop. Flip cuff to outside and lightly press top edge.

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