Stop letting items collect dust in your closet and put them to good use, like bringing holiday cheer. Use these simple ideas to turn regifts into great gifts.

By Rachel Wermager
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Regifting isn't just a solution for those quirky, white elephant-type gifts that no one wants. It's the new green giving. With a few simple additions, you can transform items like books, bottles of wine, and candles into thoughtful, one-of-a-kind presents for others to enjoy. Here are our favorite ways to upgrade and regift those presents you've been holding onto.

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Passing along a book you’ve read, and loved, is honestly a great idea. The book worm in your life will appreciate the personal touch of your recommendation that accompanies the book you’re gifting. Not to mention, the book will otherwise sit on your bookshelf for years to come without being touched, so regifting a good book is the most sensible thing to do with it. Expand on this great gift by adding a tin of book darts to mark a spot or a Flexilight reading light/bookmark.

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This is one of our favorite go-to gifts. Most would agree that you can never have too many candles, but if you find yourself with duplicate scents or one that isn’t your favorite, regifting it can be done and made special. This gift shines a little brighter when paired with a box of fancy matches or a wick trimmer. Free up some space in your house and stop wasting a good candle with this simple regifted upgrade.

Buy it: Emerald Oversized Matches; $8 and Wickman Wick Trimmer; $11

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Who could ever be upset about getting wine as a gift? Let’s face it though, sometimes we’re gifted wine that just isn’t our taste. But the good news is, you’re likely to know someone who would love that Pinot Grigio or that Cabernet. Wine is also an easy hostess gift during a season of holiday parties and gatherings. Add to that bottle of wine by wrapping it in a patterned tea towel or pair with party napkins to set it apart from the rest.

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