Wreath-Shape Treats for Extra Holiday Cheer

Not intended for your front door, these edible wreath treats are meant to decorate your dessert table. Make individual wreath-shape sweets for a cookie exchange, or bake up one giant wreath dessert to impress a crowd after Christmas dinner. The decorations on top are what make each of these wreaths special, so turn on your favorite holiday music, grab your frosting and sprinkles, and get ready to spread the holiday cheer!

Spritz Christmas Cookie Wreath

For a double-wreath effect, make wreath-shape spritz cookies before arranging them in a circle. Sprinkle the finished wreath with powdered sugar and fill with striped Christmas candies for an ultra-festive cookie plate.

Winter Wreath Donut Bites

Present this wreath of donut holes (after unwrapping presents, of course) for a Christmas morning breakfast that will make your little ones jump for joy. Just a few minutes of frosting creates a wreath that's almost too good to eat.

Almond Wreath Cookies

These wreaths might take you a little extra time, but the gorgeous result is oh-so worth it. Pressing sliced almonds into sugar cookie dough makes a picture-perfect branchy wreath, and a dusting of sugar mimics the season's first snow.

Wreath Cake

Christmas cake, meet Christmas wreaths. Bake and frost your favorite holiday cake as usual, but arrange bright red berries around the edge to make a fun and festive holiday wreath.

Snowflake Cookie Wreath

Believe it or not, just four ingredients go into creating this gorgeous snowflake wreath. Bake snowflake-shape sugar cookies into a stunning wreath, then top with a snowy white glaze and sprinkles. Holiday dessert for a crowd is that easy!

Slice-and-Bake Sugar Cookie Wreaths

Even if you don't have a wreath-shape cookie cutter lurking in one of your kitchen drawers, you can still make beautiful Christmas wreaths with this slice-and-bake recipe. Just arrange circular sugar cookie slices into a wreath shape, sprinkle with green sugar, and bake.

Chocolate Wreath Sugar Cookies

Put down the frosting; it's time to decorate with chocolate! Chop your favorite chocolate bar into shards, then arrange them in a wreath shape on top of frosted sugar cookies. We're not going back to plain frosting outlines, that's for sure.

Chocolate-Berry Wreath Cake

You can never go wrong with berries and chocolate—especially when the two are combined into this mouthwatering Christmas cake. For a little extra shine, finish off the berry wreath with a brush of strawberry jelly.

Bell Wreath Gingerbread Cookies

Skip the bells on your front door this year and serve gingerbread bells for dessert instead. Decorate with a sweet, creamy frosting wreath on top, and everyone will prefer these edible bells to the jingling kind.

Scalloped Wreath Gingerbread Cookies

These wreath cookies are all about the frosting. To get in the holiday spirit, spend an afternoon frosting and decorating these Christmas cookies with friends and family, with your favorite holiday tunes playing in the background.

Star Cookie Wreath

You might be tempted to hang this gorgeous wreath on your front door, but it's much better as dessert than a decoration. For different shades of green throughout the wreath, decorate each cookie before arranging and baking.

Cinnamon-Spiced Wreaths

These wreath cookies are almost like churros, but without the frying. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and use sliced almonds and mini candies to make bow-topped wreaths.

Lime Wreaths

If your Christmas tree is looking a little bare, you can hang a few of these decorated wreath cookies as ornaments. But when we bake these lime-flavored Christmas cookies, there are never any extras left for the tree.

Eggnog Wreaths with Nutmeg Glaze

For a plate of flawless wreaths, bake them in a mini donut pan, then dip straight into the glaze for a smooth and creamy coating. To customize your wreaths, try adding red and green sprinkles on top, or cutting red and green candied cherries to look like bows.

Mint-Chocolate and Vanilla Wreaths

Every holiday needs a taste of peppermint, and these cookies combine it with classic sugar cookies and chocolate. Alternate between white and green cookies to create wreaths that are a feast for the eyes and your guests' taste buds.

Lime Meringue Wreaths

Meringues are so easy to pipe into wreaths, this recipe will have you wondering why you haven't tried it before. A few drops of green food coloring give the wreaths their color, while having candy and sprinkles on hand allows you to make each cookie unique.

Cinnamon Wreaths

In our kitchen, cinnamon rules the holiday season. These buttery wreath-shape cookies are all about cinnamon, but you can make them even more inviting with mini red and green candies and a few drizzles of frosting.

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