Traditional Holiday Desserts from Around the World

Honey-Pistachio Tart
From flaky French pastries to crispy Italian cookies, these authentic holiday puddings, cakes, tarts, and more will take you on a delicious culinary journey around the world.

Citrus-Pumpkin Flans

These syrup-glazed Mexican custards taste like pumpkin pie without the crust.

Dulce de Leche Bread Pudding with Glazed Pears

Cinnamon and dulce de leche flavor this custardy, Mexican-inspired dessert. Brown butter-glazed pears are a warm and fruity complement.

Easy Chocolate-Almond Croissants

Refrigerated crescent rolls make recreating this rich French pastry so easy.

Italian Amaretti Cookies

These light and airy bites are flavored with almonds and amaretto liqueur.

Linzer Pinwheels

For pretty, Austrian-inspired cookies, slather buttery cookie dough with raspberry preserves, and then slice into spirals and bake.

German Chocolate Wafer Cookies

These no-bake treats mimic German chocolate cake with its decadent coconut-pecan frosting and rich chocolate flavor.

Plum-Almond Kuchen Roll

This old-world German recipe bakes into a tender, fruit- and nut-filled pastry.

Sugar & Spice Steamed Pudding

With spices and candied fruit, this English stove-top dessert is the perfect holiday stand-in for coffee cake.

Classic Gingerbread

English-style gingerbread takes on a cake-like form, instead of the more familiar, brittle cookies. This version is served with a warm lemon sauce.

Chunky Dried Fruit Cake

A take on the classic dessert that has roots in ancient Rome, this recipe features five kinds of dried fruit and three kinds of nuts.

Sweet Vanilla-Polenta Pudding

Tiny seeds from a vanilla bean give this dessert pudding its mouthwatering flavor. Rich mascarpone cheese topping adds decadence.

Ginger Pear Galette

Frozen puff pastry makes a flaky crust similar to pastries traditional to French tarts or galettes. Choose slightly under-ripe Anjou or Bosc pears for this elegant dessert.

Madeleine Cookies with Vanilla Bean Buttercream

The rich flavor of real vanilla bean is the perfect complement to these buttery French cookies.

Honey-Roasted Pears with Caramel Sauce

The secret to these moist and flavorful, Mexican-inspired pears is basting the fruit with a honey-spice and vanilla bean syrup during roasting.

Sweet Ricotta with Amaretti and Fresh Plum Sauce

Macaroons flavored with sweet almonds are known in Italy as amaretti cookies. They make a delightful topper for this creamy fruit dessert.

Festive Rice Pudding

The Arborio rice in this dessert is a short-grain rice used for Italian risotto. For a Scandinavian twist on rice pudding, hide a whole almond in the dish. Whoever eats it is believed to have good luck in the coming year.

Greek Honey-Dipped Cookies

"Melomakarona," a traditional Greek Christmas cookie, is made in a rounded shape so it retains its soft texture. After the cookies cool, they are dipped in a mixture of honey and spices.


We've added lemon glaze to Germany's famous cardamom- and cloves-spiced, honey cookies.

Caballeros Ricos (Bread Pudding with Almonds and Cinnamon Syrup)

Pure decadence, this Mexican pudding boasts an ultrarich flavor thanks to the combination of whole milk, coffee, cloves, and almonds.

Honey Pistachio Tart

Simply flavored but incredibly delicious, this pistachio-packed tart is a French-inspired finale to a holiday party. It's rich, dense, and infused with the sweet essence of honey.

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