Snowflake Sweets That Are One of a Kind

White Chocolate Snowflakes with frosting on baking sheet
It's time to let it snow—but you can put down your shovel. These snowflakes are coming from your kitchen, not the clouds. Snowflake cookies, marshmallows, pastries, and more are an ideal way to celebrate the season (plus, you can still enjoy these treats after the holidays are over!).

Lemony Snowflake Sandwiches

You won't mind snowflakes sticking together when they make creamy, lemony cookie sandwiches instead of drifts in your driveway. These cookies have a hint of lemon zest mixed in, so the citrus flavor doesn't just come from the filling.

Easy Holiday Marshmallows

Dress up jumbo marshmallows for the season with snowflakes, snowmen, and pretty holiday swirls! A slice of a jumbo marshmallow is the perfect size for floating in a mug of a hot chocolate, and you can make this seasonal treat even more special by adding a cute design on top using candy melts. The jumbo marshmallow won't dissolve in your cocoa right away, so you'll have a few extra minutes to enjoy whichever design you choose to make.

Snowflake Puff Pastry

Most snowflakes are too tiny to see (much less share), but this snowy treat is big enough for everyone at brunch to have a taste. A little cutting and twisting (plus a dusting of powdered sugar) is all it takes to make this pretty jam-filled pastry.

Traditional Snowflake Sugar Cookies

Your snowflake cookie cutter can turn plain sugar cookies into festive holiday treats, but that's only half the fun. Use royal icing and a handful of sprinkles to make these flakes as intricate as you want.

Snowflake Cookie Wreath

Pile up your snowflake cookies into a cute cookie wreath. Top with a glistening white glaze and snowflake sprinkles to complete this wintry dessert.

Snowflake Stack Cookies

Just like building a snowman, stacking three different star-shape cookies on top of each other creates a pretty 3-D snowflake. To make sure no two are alike, use different colors of glaze and sprinkles to make your masterpiece.

Square Snowflake Sugar Cookies

As a trip outside to catch snowflakes will prove, not all snowflakes are round and pointy. Use a square cookie cutter to form the outside shape, then use a variety of aspic cutters to make unique designs inside.

Round Snowflake Cookies

Snowflake cookies become a little more abstract when you frost the flakes on top of round almond cookies. Real snowflakes aren't perfect, so don't be afraid to experiment with creating these swirly designs.

Diamond Snowflake Christmas Cookies

As these cookies prove, simple snowflakes can be just as beautiful as more complicated designs. Pipe a few thin lines of frosting to form a basic snowflake, then sprinkle with white sanding sugar to make the design glitter and glisten.

Peppermint Marshmallow Snowflakes

Decorate your cup of cocoa with snowflakes (but this kind won't melt as easily). Use toothpicks and marshmallows to create your own design, then decorate with almond bark and blue sprinkles.

Almond Sugar Cookie Snowflakes

You can make these almond sugar cookies truly one of a kind with three different varieties and plenty of options for decorating. You can use frosting and white chocolate curls to make geometric patterns.

Scalloped Snowflake Sugar Cookies

These snowflakes may look completely frosted over, but we promise they'll still taste super sweet. The stained-glass effect comes from crushed blue hard candies that melt together in the oven.

Glistening Snowflakes

The base cookie recipe is simple—just grab butter, sugar, flour, and an egg—but the royal icing decorations might take you a bit longer. For a fun kid-friendly activity, bake up a quick batch on a snow day and let them decorate their own flurries.

White Chocolate Snowflakes

To get a jump start on these snowflakes, start with purchased sugar cookie dough (don't worry—your secret is safe with us). Top with a creamy white glaze and flaked coconut to make your snowflakes as light and fluffy as the powder outside.

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