Pure & Simple Christmas Dinner Recipes

Traditional Christmas dinner menus need not be fussy! Start with sheet pan stuffed mushrooms, wow with a hands-off roast turkey, scoop up some slow cooker stuffing, and wrap things up with a simple Christmas dessert like a semi-homemade apple cobbler. Then celebrate it all (and the time with those you love) via a toast and a bubbly cocktail. Cheers to you and these Christmas dinner party ideas!

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    Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms

    Start your Christmas dinner menu with these easy, bite-sized savory snacks. Bacon, two types of cheese, and garlic are the only other ingredients required (besides mushrooms, of course) to make this simple sheet pan appetizer recipe.

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    Roasted Garlic Spread

    Here's one of our most helpful Christmas dinner party ideas: Keep guests occupied (and their big appetites at bay) by starting with a spread of snacks like this 10-minutes-of-prep dip. Pile up veggie slices, pita chips, and toasted baguette pieces nearby and allow guests to design their own bites. Talk about stress free appetizers!

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    Roasted Beet and Chervil Salad

    Red, green, and oh-so-fresh, this salad is the ultimate way to serve easy Christmas vegetables (and fruit!). To make this simple Christmas dish even simpler to clean up after, mix the 3-ingredient vinaigrette together in the bottom of the salad bowl. Then add the greens, pear, beets, farro, and cheese before tossing.

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    Honey-Cumin Roasted Carrots

    Complement your favorite Christmas dinner menu entree with this roasted root vegetable side. The high heat brings out the natural sugars in the carrots while strong flavors like garlic, cumin, and sherry vinegar add kick to each bite of this easy Christmas dinner recipe.

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    Slow Cooker Swiss Chard and Sausage Stuffing

    No traditional Christmas dinner menu is complete without stuffing! This Italian sausage and ciabatta version finishes in the slow cooker—saving more room in the oven for the rest of your simple Christmas dishes.

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    Allspice Grilled Sweet Potatoes and Pears

    Toss sweet potatoes slices with an allspice-infused oil before grilling (yes, a grill pan works if you don't want to head outdoors). Once they're nice and charred, combine with thin pear slices and mix the simple Christmas dinner recipe with a vinaigrette inspired by the original spud marinade for layers of flavor.

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    Roasted Green Beans with Beets, Feta, and Walnuts

    "These were a hit!" BH&G home cooks just like you are earning rave reviews for this easy Christmas dinner recipe that comes together entirely on one roasting pan. Sprinkle on cheese and serve in the same pan—with a kitchen towel to grip the edges—to cut down on dishes and score a rustic presentation.

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    Cheesy Twice-Baked Potatoes

    Baked potatoes get a Christmas dinner menu makeover in this rich-tasting yet simple dish. Our base twice-baked line-up calls for sour cream, cheese, and seasonings. Then we offer not one, not two, but eight ways to jazz up the stuffing. From bacon-cheddar to mushroom-Swiss, you'll never get bored with this easy Christmas dinner recipe!

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    Classic Roast Chicken

    Craving a taste of nostalgia? Our Classic Roast Chicken recipe will make Grandma proud. Its simple elegance allows the meat to take centerstage, so seek out the highest-quality bird you can find. Cook it with any carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, and celery you have lying around after making the Christmas dinner menu side dishes.

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    Sesame Turkey

    Turkey is a common entree on traditional Christmas dinner menus, but this hands-off turkey breast recipe puts a new twist on the institution. Seasoned with strong Asian flavors like soy, ginger, and sesame, no one will think of white meat as boring when you prepare it like this! Bonus: It cooks in the slow cooker so you can set and forget while you focus on the rest of your Christmas dinner party ideas.

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    Cinnamon Roll-Apple Cobbler

    Can you guess the shortcut that makes this simple Christmas dessert require only 30 minutes of prep? Okay, we'll dish (but won't tell your dinner guests): The cinnamon rolls and icing come from a package you can find in your supermarket's refrigerator!

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    Chocolate Bread Pudding Casserole

    Grab a loaf of pre-sliced white bread from the bakery for this simple bread pudding recipe. Diagonally-cut each piece, slather with butter, layer in a baking dish and coat with custard and chocolate chips. Bake. Voila! Now you've made our number one simple bread pudding recipe.

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    Pumpkin Pie Shake

    If you're not in the mood to bake, we have an easy Christmas dessert idea for you. Grab a store-bought pumpkin pie, blend a slice with ice cream and milk, and you've got an almost-instant pie-shake. Top with a sliver of pie to hint at the flavors inside.

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    Cranberry Orange Rosemary Cocktail

    Bubbles are never wrong when they're on a Christmas dinner menu! This brightly-colored cocktail isn't sweetened with regular simple syrup—a rosemary-cranberry sorbet does the trick instead. Don't forget the rosemary sprig "stir stick!"

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    Golden Wassail

    Whether you use it to greet folks at the door or to sip at the end of your traditional Christmas dinner menu, this all-ages punch is a warm and wonderful way to celebrate the season. Pineapple, apple, orange, and apricot juices join forces and are quickly mulled with cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom to create this delicious drink. Dip edges of the punch bowl in gold decorative sugar for an Instagram-ready presentation.

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