Healthy Side Dishes for the Holidays

Roasted Asparagus-Orange Salad
Looking for side dishes that are full of tradition but light on guilt? For your next holiday menu, try these soups, salads, and vegetable dishes -- they are sure to please the whole family while helping you maintain a healthy eating plan.

Lemon-Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Who knew mashed potatoes could be a showstopping holiday side dish, absolutely delicious, and healthy to boot? Now you do, thanks to our flavor add-ins such as lemon, capers, and garlic. Each serving of the classic holiday recipe rings in at just 98 calories!

Savory Collard Greens

Add a hint of Southern flavor to your holiday dinner with our scrumptious collard greens. Cubed pancetta, a sprinkle of red pepper, and balsamic vinegar amp up the healthy holiday side without adding excess calories.

Garlic-Rosemary Dressing

Swap out half of the white bread in your usual holiday dressing recipe for wheat bread to add nutrients to the traditional side dish. Cranberries and a sprinkling of herbs fill every bite with fresh flavor.

Lemon-Rosemary Potato Rolls

Give each of these low-cal potato rolls a swipe of homemade lemon-rosemary butter for an extra hit of luscious flavor. Bonus: The rich rolls can be made up to a month in advance, keeping your holidays stress-free.

Roasted Califlower with Cranberries

Fresh cranberries add a wintry touch to our healthy and delicious califlower side dish. A dressing of honey and vinegar tempers the tartness of the cranberries with a hint of sweetness.

Tart Cherry-Cranberry Relish

Forget your usual canned-cranberry relish and opt for our homemade version at your next festive dinner. We've added cherries to the mix to liven up the classic holiday side dish.

Caramelized Veggie Lentil Salad

Make a salad full of hearty, nutrient-rich lentils and mixed vegetables as a beautiful starter at your holiday dinner. The roasted carrot-and-fennel dish is best served at room temperature, saving time on your big day.

Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Green Onion Vinaigrette

Delicate and delicious Brussels sprouts find their ideal flavor pairing alongside bright oranges and fresh coriander. If you don't have fresh oranges on hand, any form of citrus fruit will taste delicious in the dish.

Roasted Root Vegetable and Wilted Romaine Salad

Incorporate winter produce in your festive holiday salad to show off the flavors of the season. Beets, parsnips, and other root vegetables are tossed in a sweet Dijon dressing in this healthy side dish recipe.

Acorn Squash with Rustic Raisin Sauce

This sweet and savory side-dish squash recipe goes well with any roasted meat. Each wedge is slow-roasted with a raisin and apple pie spice sauce, then topped with a honey-vanilla mixture. A sprinkle of pistachios completes the dish.

Broccolini with Peas and Seared Lemons

Eat your greens and enjoy them, too, with this healthy holiday trifecta. Seared lemons add citrus to a trio of Swiss chard, Broccolini, and peas for a simple side dish that's ready in about 30 minutes.

Buttermilk-Sage Dinner Rolls

This holiday season, fill your bread basket with warm, fluffy buttermilk rolls seasoned with fresh sage. The recipe calls for simple ingredients, so there's no need for an extra trip to the grocery store.

Herbed Bread and Cherry-Cranberry Stuffing

Slash fat, calories, and sodium in half with this top-rated stuffing. Traditional bread cubes pair with any combination of dried cranberries, cherries, tomatoes, and smoked oysters for a healthy stuffing that's bursting with flavor.

Learn how to cut, dry, and store bread cubes for your next stuffing recipe. We help you select the best breads and take the guesswork out of the baking process. The result? A flavorful, delicious stuffing recipe featuring inexpensive bread cubes.

DIY Bread Cubes for Stuffing

Why buy bread cubes when you can easily and inexpensively make them yourself? Watch as we teach you tips on how to cut, dry, and store bread cubes for your next stuffing recipe.

Cranberry-Pear Chutney-Topped Sweet Potatoes

This holiday sweet potato recipe remix is the perfect swap for traditionally high-calorie preparations. A warm cranberry-pear chutney and just 2 grams of fat make it a healthy hit.

Sesame Asparagus

Simple to prepare and delicious to eat, asparagus can be enjoyed with the lightest of flavorful toppings. It's also full of vitamin B6, which may help lower the risk of heart disease.

Fresh Citrus and Cranberry Salad

Top a bed of fresh arugula and mint leaves with cranberries and orange sections for a colorful holiday salad that takes just 25 minutes to prepare. Plus, it's packed with heart-healthy antioxidants.

Green Beans with Shallots, Thyme, and Shiitake Mushrooms

Forget your usual green bean casserole -- make this healthier option instead! Sauteed mushrooms and seasoned shallots add robust flavor to our green bean side dish that's perfect for your holiday dinner.

Mashed Potatoes

Pair your holiday roast with these classic mashed potatoes. Warm melted butter and creamy milk keep them light and fluffy.

Acorn Squash with Bacon-Chive Crumbs

Succulent slices of squash soak up a brown sugar-apple cider broth as they simmer in the slow cooker. Crisp bacon and toasted panko form a crunchy crust atop the low-calorie side dish.

Knowing how to cook squash is essential to enjoying one of fall'€™s most beautiful vegetables. Watch as we demonstrate the tastiest way to cook butternut squash.

Secrets to Tastier Squash

Get out your sharpened chef's knife and a cutting board -- it's time to conquer the cutting and cooking of squash. Preparing this beautiful autumn vegetable has never been easier thanks to our simple step-by-step instructions.

Fennel and Parsley Salad

No need to smother this fragrant fennel salad with dressing. Just a squeeze of lemon juice and a parsley-and-Parmesan garnish complement the licoricelike flavor of fresh fennel.

Cran-Sage Rolls

These rolls incorporate dried cranberries and sage for bread that both looks and tastes like the holidays. Brush with egg whites and press with fresh sage leaves to finish.

Streusel-Topped Sweet Potatoes

Top your sweet potatoes with our crunchy streusel -- a brown sugar-coated combination of rolled oats, flaxseeds, and cracked wheat. To intensify the flavor, toast the pecan topping.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apple and Pancetta

Brussels sprouts are a great source of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. Try them with apples, red onion, and pancetta for a healthy but appetizing helping of vegetables that's full of flavor.

Roasted Holiday Vegetables

Try our roasted vegetables for a lower-calorie take on classic holiday potatoes. Fresh rosemary sprigs and toasted fennel seeds season hearty chunks of Yukon gold potatoes, yellow onion, and fennel.

Heart-Healthy Cheesy Potatoes

Thanks to reduced-fat versions of milk, cream, and cheese, plus crushed cornflakes, a familiar potato recipe stays on the menu.

Sweet and Savory Twist Bread

This low-calorie bread has a crowd-pleasing twist of both white and wheat doughs. A sprinkle of kosher salt balances the sweetness of the cinnamon, raisins, and pecans that flavor the bread.

Roasted Asparagus-Orange Salad

Upgrade roasted asparagus spears with juicy orange slices and an orange-fennel dressing. A hint of Dijon mustard gives the dish an added kick of flavor.

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