Fancy Christmas Garnishes

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    Stenciled Cookies

    Multicolored sugars and cute stencils turn plain sugar cookies into fun treats.

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    Snowflake Puff Pastry

    You don't even have to stick out your tongue to catch the sweet taste of these snowflake treats.

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    Edible Place Cards

    Your guests will be eager to sit down and gobble up their tasty place cards.

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    Cupcake "Package"

    Cupcakes wrapped with holiday bows prove that great things really do come in small packages.

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    Decorated Dessert Plates

    Who needs patterned dishware when your plates can look like this?

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    Fruited Ice Jewels

    Bring the ice indoors with these cutting-edge coolers for holiday drinks.

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    Herbed Bread Wreath

    Add more rolls to turn the wreath into an elaborate-looking snowflake.

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    Potato Cutouts

    Using holiday cookie cutters makes shaping these white potatoes quick and easy.

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    Festive Appetizer

    Guacamole and salsa are used in this tasty appetizer, along with lime slices for a little extra kick.

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    Cheese Ball

    Spruce up your favorite cheese ball by rolling half of it in a mixture of snipped dried cranberries or cherries.

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