Christmas Recipes

Find delicious holiday recipes, create a menu for Christmas dinner, and serve the perfect Christmas punch! We have you covered with recipes for elegant holiday appetizers, Christmas dinners, and more. If you're expecting a lot of guests this holiday, our Christmas casserole recipes feed a crowd and feature festive seasonal ingredients. It can be a busy time of year, so our make-ahead side dishes work great as low-key Christmas recipe ideas. But when it comes to Christmas cooking, we like to skip right to dessert. Our Christmas cookies are some of the most popular recipes on our site, and they don't disappoint. Gingerbread cookies, thumbprint cookies, and sugar cookies all make the cut. Or start a new tradition with our Christmas candy recipes and look to our Christmas pies or holiday cakes for your next party. It's also a great time of year to pair a special drink with your dinner or desserts. Our festive holiday drink recipes include fabulous cocktails and punch ideas that will keep guests mingling.

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Citrus Sugar Cookie Eggs

It's easy to change the flavor of this cookie dough. Swap the orange zest and juice with lemon, lime, or any combination of the three. Decorate with royal icing to dress up the cookies.
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Valentine's Day Cookie Cutouts Three Ways

One sugar cookie dough recipe using three distinct techniques yields endless sweet ways to say "I love you." Make them as Valentine's Day cookies or any other day of the year you want to spread love.
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Maple-Rosemary Mixed Nuts

Our only complaint about these seasoned nuts is that we can't stop eating them! Something about the fresh herbs, salt, and maple syrup makes the mixture irresistible.
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Focaccia-Artichoke Dressing

This reinvented dressing uses airy focaccia in place of the traditional corn bread. The Italian twist of flavors and nutty Parmesan will have your guests coming back for second servings.
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Santa Sugar Cookie Cutouts

Sure, you could make just a big batch of Santa bellies for the Christmas cookie tray, but we love the idea of pairing them with cookies cut as the letter H for a special Ho Ho Ho sugar cookie cutout idea.
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Eggnog Dream Bars

Eggnog isn't just for drinking as this Christmas cookie recipe proves. There's no actual eggnog in it, but it's got the milk, nutmeg, and rum (if you like) among its ingredients.
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More Christmas Recipes

Apple Pie Pull-Apart Loaf

This pull-apart loaf tastes just like apple pie, but you won't need a fork to eat it. Layers of homemade bread dough and tender cooked apples make this dessert perfect for fall, and drizzles of creamy icing on top seal the deal.
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Corned Beef and Cabbage

Here's a slow cooker recipe for corned beef and cabbage, a St. Paddy's Day favorite. But why wait until March? The one-dish dinner recipe will taste great any time of year.
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Chocolate-Pistachio Whirligigs

A homemade pistachio paste is the key element to the wonderful nutty flavor complementing the chocolate cookie. Of course, the pistachio coating adds even more to the flavor, while also adding a bit of crunch.