These fun ideas will add an extra dash of magic to your morning.

By Claire Harmeyer

Traditions are what make holidays extra special. Whether it's as simple as what you eat or involves a little extra planning, every tradition adds up to create Christmas memories that will last a lifetime. And when they grow up, your kids will carry them on to their own families! Adopt some of these clever ideas this year to help your kids (and yourself) enjoy the magical day even more.

Image courtesy of PajamaGram
Image courtesy of PajamaGram.

1. Wear Christmas Pajamas

There's nothing cozier than a soft pair of brand new pajamas. Give your family members a fresh set of winter pjs to snuggle into on Christmas Eve. Have the guys and gals match, or find a unisex outfit for everyone. The gang will feel even more festive come Christmas morning when they're dressed for the occasion.

2. Embellish the Magic of Santa

Relish in the wonder that Santa offers while your kiddos are young by adding these clever touches to your Christmas morning. Have your kids set carrots outside for the reindeer on Christmas Eve and enhance the illusion by chewing them up and scattering bits around the yard, marking the reindeers' presence. Your children will be giddy with excitement. Place a note from Mr. Claus next to a handmade Christmas plate telling your little ones how good they were this year. Leave footprints near the chimney or tree by setting a boot on the ground and sprinkling flour around the edges. Or, wrap the outside of their bedroom doors with wrapping paper or streamers, telling them that Santa did it so they'd stay in their rooms while he delivered presents. They'll love tearing through the door to reach their gifts.

3. Create a Gift Scavenger Hunt

Make opening presents even more exciting by hiding them around the house! Let everyone find their gifts before tearing into them. Then, gather around together and open the presents one-by-one, savoring the joy each gift provides. Teach your kids the importance of giving back— after opening their new toys, have them choose an old one to donate to your local shelter.

4. Give a New Ornament Every Year

Commemorate each year by giving your kids a new ornament to hang on the tree on Christmas morning. Write the year on the ornament to mark its memory in time. You'll love pulling the unique ornaments out year after year and remembering past Christmases.

5. Make a Festive Breakfast

All of the excitement of Christmas morning is sure to work up an appetite in everyone. Prepare a meal that's just as delicious as it is festive. Cook pancakes in the shape of reindeer and snowmen, adding bacon antlers and chocolate chip buttons and eyes. Or, you can never go wrong with rich, gooey cinnamon rolls. Just something outside of your everyday breakfast will help you celebrate the special day.



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