Lifetime will be releasing a record-breaking number of Christmas movies this year. 

By Emily VanSchmus
Updated August 10, 2020

We could all use some good news right now, and thankfully, we have some to share: Lifetime just announced they’ll be airing 30 brand new Christmas movies this winter as part of their annual It’s a Wonderful Lifetime program. This is the most new movies they’ve ever released. This year’s lineup has two more movies than last year’s 28 films, and more than double the 14 movies they aired in 2018. And after peeking at the casting details, we can’t wait to watch every last one. 

Some of the movies are still being filmed (likely due to a change in scheduling because of the pandemic), so while the official schedule hasn’t been released yet, Lifetime has given us a few teasers.

The network’s Christmas programming—appropriately titled It's a Wonderful Lifetime—will likely begin mid-October and run through the end of the year. Last year, the first new movie premiere aired the week before Halloween, so we're hoping we don't have long to wait. And not only are they airing more than 1,200 hours of brand-new Christmas cheer, but the Lifetime website also pledges non-stop Christmas programming all season long. 

Courtesy of Lifetime

In addition to a schedule stacked with feel-good storylines, this year’s lineup features some of our favorite leading ladies in the entertainment world. You can expect to see Betty White, Kelly Rowland, Melissa Joan Hart, and Tiffany Haddish—who is executive producing the new film Christmas Unwrapped. This year also marks the first time a same-sex couple is featured as the leads of a Lifetime Christmas movie, as well as the first time a holiday movie is focused on a Chinese-American family.

With about two months until we expect the first new film to drop, it’s time to clear your calendars and start planning those holiday movie marathons. Lifetime has only released details about a few of the movies so far, but we'll keep you updated as more details (and the full schedule) are announced. Here's everything we know so far about 2020's It’s a Wonderful Lifetime

Stars: Ali Stroker and Daniel DiTomasso

When a romance novelist holes up at a snowy bed and breakfast to finish her next novel, she’s surprised to meet a handsome man that looks strikingly similar to the leading man in her novels. 

Stars: Amber Stevens West, Cheryl Ladd, and Marco Grazzini

Charity is an ambitious reporter who investigates a local man providing mysteriously good Christmas gifts to the townspeople. He claims all the gifts come straight from Santa Claus—but Charity is determined to find out the truth.

Stars: Melissa Joan Hart, Jason Priestley, and Ed Begley Jr.

Natalie is the host of a popular podcast titled Holiday Love—but she’s never actually been in love. When she finds herself back in her hometown for Christmas, a local fireman catches her eye. We’re betting Natalie finds a holiday love of her own, but you’ll have to watch the movie premiere to find out. 

Stars: Not yet announced

When a young architect returns to her small Maine hometown for the holidays after the loss of her grandmother, her family encourages her to enter the local gingerbread house competition—where an old flame becomes her house-decorating partner. 

Stars: Not yet announced

When Hugo, a New York corporate lawyer, returns home for the holidays, his mom arranges for him to “accidentally” run into Patrick, his old high school crush who has recently returned back to town. When the holidays are over, Hugo will have to decide whether to take a big job promotion in London, or take a chance on love in his hometown. 


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