Try your hand at these quizzes, or read them aloud during a holiday family gathering. It's always fun to see who is most like Clark Griswold or who is the biggest "Love Actually" fan.

Do you match up with the gift-seeking Ralphie or the all-out-for-Christmas Clark Griswold? Your pop culture cohort (holiday edition!) awaits.

Find Your Christmas Character Match!

What's Your Holiday Pie Personality?

Pumpkin pie may be the traditional choice, but which holiday pie best matches the way you celebrate the season? This very scientific take (sample question: Pick an ornament) matches you with your dream circle-shape dessert.

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Which Christmas Carol Are You?

Even if you can't carry a tune, you've got to admit that there's just something about a Christmas carol that makes you want to gather a bunch of friends and head door-to-door, sheet music in hand. Take this quiz to discover the carol that best describes you.

Discover Your Christmas Carol Personality!

How Much Do You Love "Love Actually?"

Prove your Christmas movie love with a true test of one of the season's top flicks, "Love Actually."

Can We Guess Your Cookie Soul Mate?

Maybe you're low-maintenance (a no-bake bar), or maybe you have an adventurous spirit (a double-chocolate bite)? Either way, we can match you up with the Christmas cookie of your dreams.

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Which "Elf" Character Are You?

There are the Christmas grumps that come around (looking at you, Walter), and, of course, the holiday-obsessed Buddy himself. So, which character from "Elf" is most like you?



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