15 Reasons Why Christmas is the Greatest Holiday Ever

Regal Ribbon
We dare you not to smile as you browse photo after photo of glitzy decor, totally cute crafts, and my-teeth-hurt-they're-so-sweet cookies that definitively prove that Christmas rocks. Best. Holiday. Ever.

Because the Trees are Sparkly

When else do we count light strings by the dozen and the baubles by the hundreds?

Because the Outdoors Play Along

To every archway, a trimming, and to every door, a wreath.

(To make this totally gorgeous display, start with a long evergreen garland and use florist's pins and hot glue to secure pinecones, faux berries and apples, magnolia leaves, and holiday ribbon to it. Wrap gratuitously with lights. Create a matching wreath.)

Because Craftiness Reigns

Imagine making this crafty guy for the 4th of July or Mother's Day. Nope, only Christmas gets this cuteness.

Because the Styles are Versatile (Part 1)

This is a holiday where a sparkly white room has as much right to claim Christmas...[see next slide]

Because the Styles are Versatile (Part 2)

...as this vintage-and-colorful take does.

Because Cookies Can Look Like Snowmen...

Say it together now: "Aw!"

...and Reindeer

Rudolph has done way more than inspire a song.

...and Santa

This cookie looks jolly good!

Because Railings Get Wrapped

Railings are ho-hum until the holidays. (And, frankly, don't your railings just look a little drab when the garland comes off?)

Because We Get to Count Down

I mean, when else can you obsessively check off the days without being made fun of?

(To make this cute display, cut twenty-four 2-1/4-inch circles from an adhesive magnet sheet. Adhere to pattern paper; the more colorful, the better. Cut out. Add a number sticker in the center. Place over a 24-hole muffin tin that didn't have baking plans this holiday.)

Because Felt Returns from Its Dormant State

Ornaments are the ultimate excuse to play with felt.

Because Poinsettias Rule

They dominate the season and don't even bother showing their pretty faces until December.

Because Ornaments Work Everywhere

Hung on the tree? Check. Made into a wreath? Check. Strung as a garland? Yep. Collected in a cloche? You betcha.

Because the Table Gets Star Treatment

The food's important, sure, but the conversation starts during seating.

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