15 Reasons Why Christmas is the Greatest Holiday Ever

We dare you not to smile as you browse photo after photo of glitzy decor, totally cute crafts, and my-teeth-hurt-they're-so-sweet cookies that definitively prove that Christmas rocks. Best. Holiday. Ever.

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    Because the Trees are Sparkly

    When else do we count light strings by the dozen and the baubles by the hundreds?

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    Because the Outdoors Play Along

    To every archway, a trimming, and to every door, a wreath.

    (To make this totally gorgeous display, start with a long evergreen garland and use florist's pins and hot glue to secure pinecones, faux berries and apples, magnolia leaves, and holiday ribbon to it. Wrap gratuitously with lights. Create a matching wreath.)

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    Because the Movies are Classics

    You're smiling now, aren't you?

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    Because Craftiness Reigns

    Imagine making this crafty guy for the 4th of July or Mother's Day. Nope, only Christmas gets this cuteness.

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    Because the Styles are Versatile (Part 1)

    This is a holiday where a sparkly white room has as much right to claim Christmas...[see next slide]

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    Because the Styles are Versatile (Part 2)

    ...as this vintage-and-colorful take does.

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    Because Cookies Can Look Like Snowmen...

    Say it together now: "Aw!"

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    ...and Reindeer

    Rudolph has done way more than inspire a song.

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    ...and Santa

    This cookie looks jolly good!

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    Because Railings Get Wrapped

    Railings are ho-hum until the holidays. (And, frankly, don't your railings just look a little drab when the garland comes off?)

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    Because We Get to Count Down

    I mean, when else can you obsessively check off the days without being made fun of?

    (To make this cute display, cut twenty-four 2-1/4-inch circles from an adhesive magnet sheet. Adhere to pattern paper; the more colorful, the better. Cut out. Add a number sticker in the center. Place over a 24-hole muffin tin that didn't have baking plans this holiday.)

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    Because Felt Returns from Its Dormant State

    Ornaments are the ultimate excuse to play with felt.

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    Because Poinsettias Rule

    They dominate the season and don't even bother showing their pretty faces until December.

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    Because Ornaments Work Everywhere

    Hung on the tree? Check. Made into a wreath? Check. Strung as a garland? Yep. Collected in a cloche? You betcha.

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    Because the Table Gets Star Treatment

    The food's important, sure, but the conversation starts during seating.

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