Two-Step Holiday Party Decorations

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Planning a holiday party? Forget week-long cleaning sprees and complicated crafts. You can deck your whole house with our easy, two-step party decorations. Each decorating idea is as simple as it is gorgeous.

Display Party Favors

Party favors like these adorable fire starters can do double duty as party decorations until the guests head home.

Step 1: Attach wicks to pinecones with wax.

Step 2: Put each pinecone in a pretty foil baking cup.

Wrap Vases and Candles

Create an easy holiday centerpiece by dressing up candleholders or hurricane vases.

Step 1: Wrap colored velum around vases or candleholders, and adhere it in place with double-stick tape.

Step 2: Use strips of aluminum foil tape to add easy metallic sparkle.

Light Up Champagne Glasses

Set your holiday toasts aglow with a display of bubbling golden champagne and candles.

Step 1: Decorate your buffet table with a runner and candles.

Step 2: Stagger filled champagne glasses among the candles.

Layer Snack Bowls

Up your party decor with a tasty decoration for the buffet table.

Step 1: Place a filled bowl in a wider, shallower dish.

Step 2: Fill the bottom dish with small ornaments.

These easy Christmas wreaths would look great on your door, on a window, or hung from a mirror above your Christmas mantel.

Make It: Easiest Wreaths Ever

Adorning your front door with a wreath is an easy way to welcome party guests. Try one of these so-simple, two-step wreaths this holiday season.

Make Snowflake Garlands

Decorate any table with a sweeping garland of snowflakes.

Step 1: Cut an array of white paper snowflakes.

Step 2: String them onto twine or ribbon and secure in place with tape or staples.

Play with Place Cards

The key to a gorgeous holiday table is a variety of scale. These clever place cards add height without taking up too much space.

Step 1: Add a sprig of pine to a tall shot glass.

Step 2. Top the glass with an ornament tied with a name tag.

Deck Dining Chairs

Help party guests find their seats with this easy numbering idea.

Step 1: Adhere wooden crafts numbers to burlap wreaths with glue or wire.

Step 2: Use a wide ribbon to tie a wreath to each chair.

Style Party Favors

Let party favors dress up place settings at your holiday party.

Step 1: Fill take-out style boxes from crafts stores with your favors.

Step 2: Top the box with a leaf, flower, or sprig of greenery -- whatever matches the rest of your party decorations.

Decorate with Garlands

For a dramatic banister, double up on garland.

Step 1: Wrap a traditional green garland around your banister.

Step 2: Attach a contrasting garland, like this one made of felt flowers, to the first garland with wire ties.

Hang Stuffed Stockings

An overflowing stocking on each chair gives your dining room a party-ready look. If you're in the giving mood, fill each stocking with inexpensive party favors like candies and cute ornaments.

Step 1: Tuck greenery and vintage ornaments inside the stockings.

Step 2: Hang the stockings from your dining chairs for a festive Christmas dinner decoration.

Use Family Photos

Hosting a family dinner? Make it even more personal with family photos as party decorations.

Step 1: Trim family photos into circles.

Step 2: Place the photos under glass salad plates.

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