Table Setting in Lime Green with Twigs

When you have a room as distinctively colored as this one, why resist?
Revel in your home's color by setting a monochromatic table.

Revel in your home's color by setting a monochromatic table. Although our room is an eye-popping green, you could do the same in a yellow room, an orange room, a red room, a blue room, or a purple room.

We start by draping the table in moire fabric, then topping it with a large glass round. (Store the glass between two oversize pieces of corrugated cardboard, and you'll be able to pull it out for other special dinners throughout the year.)

On the table, spare branches set in tall glass vases make glass balls truly shine. Handblown green glass vases hold the branches dotted with ornaments and a stem or two of bright flowers.

Green glassware and plates complete the tabletop. In the far corner, a side table gets a holiday makeover with a collection of glass candleholders and a simple pile of matte glass ornaments.

The backs of the dining chairs feature place cards for guests. To make them, punch or cut a hole at the top of two contrasting squares of stiff paper. Push a tiny loop of ribbon through the hole from the back. Fold and shape the rest of the ribbon to give a bow effect and secure by twisting with florist's wire, leaving a length at the end to attach the card to rattan chair backs.


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