Pitch-Perfect Caroling Party

Share the gift of music and good company with a caroling party this holiday season. Try this unorthodox Christmas color scheme of robin's egg blue, white, and splashes of red to decorate for the gathering.

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    Gather 'Round

    People of all ages can enjoy a caroling party. Put guests at ease by singing boldly yourself, regardless of your ability to keep a tune. The point is to have a good time participating in an age-old tradition.

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    It's a Party

    Get your guests into the spirit of the season with music-themed invitations.

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    A Warm Welcome

    Greet your guests at the door to set the tone for the evening before ushering them in to your winter wonderland.

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    Sweet Treats

    The treat table is a feast for the eye and the mouth. Make a no-sew table topper with 50-cents-a-yard blue sueded fabric by hot-gluing a blue-checked ribbon to it. Flowers are also key for a fresh, festive look. Try 'Paperwhite' narcissus bulbs, white hydrangeas, and amaryllis.

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    Tiny Tree

    Use elements pulled from nature as the basis for decorations. Here, cedar branches tucked into a blue vase create an impromptu tree.

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    Music Box

    Copy sheet music onto blue and cream paper and use it to wrap little crafts boxes. They make fun ornaments tied to a tree with ribbon.

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    Vintage-Look Christmas Ball

    Christmas sheet music photocopied onto parchment paper gives these decoupaged musical ornaments an antique look.

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    Stand Tall

    Instead of an ordinary tree stand, place your tree in a galvanized container found at home improvement stores. Weight the metal bucket with rocks so the tree doesn't tip.

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    Keep It Simple

    Keep the party stress-free by minimally decorating for the party. Here, a largely neutral color scheme is dressed up with hints of blue in the pillows, votive candleholders, and glass ornaments.

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    A Humble Hearth

    The fireplace might technically be nonfunctional, but it still glows with a mass of pillar candles on the brick hearth. A pair of antique andirons gives it an authentic feel. The mirror above is draped with pepperberries and greens and crowned with blue teardrop ornaments.

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    Beaded Touch

    White pearl beads nestled around a votive candle create a snowy effect.

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    Sing Along

    Provide a song book with a mix of the standards and your own favorite Christmas tunes.

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    Clever Candy Trick

    A key party-decorating point is to look for simple, inexpensive items that can boost your color scheme -- in this case, blueberry candy canes for the dessert table.

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    The Sweet Reward

    Getting everyone together to enjoy the sounds of the season is a reward in itself.

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