Gingerbread House Christmas Party

Celebrate the Christmas season with your loved ones at a fun-filled gingerbread-house decorating party. Colorful candies and yummy butter cream frosting transform plain gingerbread into beautiful houses at this Christmas party.

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    Candy Trays

    Treat the kids to a gingerbread decorating party that's sure to become a tradition every year! Small plastic cups and disposable trays allow kids to easily sort and carry candies to the decorating table before turning their gingerbread houses into homemade masterpieces. To make this take-along tray, simply print out our place mat and fit into foam trays.

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    Candy Decoration Table

    Set up your own "Sweet Shoppe" as a yummy focal point to a Christmas party. Two rolls of striped wrapping paper serve as posts that suspend an awning cut from red-and-white papers atop a table. Fill with gumdrops, candy-covered chocolate pieces, and any other gingerbread-house decorations you might find. To make the sweets banner, cut out the free download and attach to scallop-edge brown crafts paper. Use a hole punch to make holes at the top of each letter and thread onto a long red ribbon.

    Editor's Tip: Serving treats at your party? Add them to the candy table instead of setting up another display.

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    Christmas Party Invitation

    This striped invite sets the tone for your sweet gingerbread party. To make these adorable invitations, download the free pattern and cut along the scalloped edge.

    Editor's Tip: One invitation version has editable text boxes to fill in your own party details.

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    Decorating Table Place Cards

    Printable tent-style table signs serve as customizable place cards for the decorating table. Squeeze bottles full of butter cream frosting provide the "mortar" for securing the candies.

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    Gingerbread Party Lunch Boxes

    Pack a healthy lunch for your party guests as a preemptive strike against overindulging on candy. Make each lunch extra special with our printable (and customizable!) signs. Just print, cut out, and attach each to store-bought paper lunch boxes.

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    Juice Box Decorations

    Up the fun factor at this sweet luncheon by wrapping juice boxes with printable signs before embellishing with these easy straw flags.

    For the juice boxes:
    Print the downloads and cut along the white space between the red stripes. Wrap around a juice box of your choice; secure with tape.

    For the straw pennants:
    Cut out each pennant carefully; fold in half. Place a paper straw in the fold and secure the ends together with adhesive.

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    Gingerbread-House Labels

    Paper medallions glued to lollipop sticks (straws would work, too) stand upright in gumdrops to make sweet personalized labels. Display the signs next to the finished gingerbread houses when snapping photos to keep track of who made each house. Use the customizable center name tag as is, or glue or tape it to a flower medallion made from accordion-folded paper.

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