Creative Kids Christmas Cupcake Party

Gather the goodies, have the kids help you with a guest list, and host the most memorable party ever with these simple tips and ideas for a Christmas-themed cupcake party just for kids!

Whipping up sweet holiday cheer for the kids is easier than you think!

Hosting a cupcake decorating party can be the simplest festivity you organize this holiday season if you follow a few tips. This activity is best suited for school-age children. Start with making a guest list by consulting with your child. For a successful cupcake decorating party, it's best to limit the number of junior pastry chefs to six total (including your child) since this is a hands-on project.

Snowglobe Cupcakes Recipe

Gather the food.

Because the guests are likely to be very proud of their creations, it is best to plan on letting them enjoy one cupcake as dessert, then taking the rest home to show off and share with their family. Once your guest list and party date is set, you'll want to gather the items you need.

You can decide on some specific adorable decorating ideas, like these melting snowmen, or you can let the kiddos go wild with Christmas imagination. Either way, some essentials are necessary.

Plan to serve some savory snacks so you don't send everyone home with a sugar buzz. Keep the menu simple and include some healthy options, too. Finger foods like small sandwiches, cheese cubes, and cut-up fruit are all great options. Also, skip the sodas and serve all-natural flavored fizzy water for a festive treat. Frozen fruit (like strawberries or grapes) make for fun "ice cubes"! 

Melting Snowman Cupcake Recipe

Use this supply list as your guide.


  • For six guests, prepare two dozen cupcakes. Bake a batch of vanilla and a batch of chocolate, and you're all set.  Use a mix, your favorite recipe, or try one of these foolproof recipes for special diets: gluten-free vanilla or gluten-free chocolate cupcakes.
  • Sticking with vanilla frosting makes life easy, allowing you to use it as is, or to tint it with edible food coloring gels. Make a giant batch of buttercream (use this guide), or buy ready-made icing in tubs. You may want to triple the buttercream recipe, or purchase a half-dozen containers of frosting just to make sure you don't run out, especially since some designs (like these adorable Santa hats) call for the icing to be piled high!
  • The decorations you need will depend on the designs you're making. Think of colored sugars, mini colored candy pieces, crushed candy canes, edible glitter, snowflake or other holiday-shape sprinkles, and mini marshmallows. For special decorations like the melting snowmen, you will need to add mini peanut butter cups to your list.
  • Each child will need a mini spatula for spreading frosting. Plastic knives are handy and inexpensive for this (not to mention, you can toss them when the party is over, so less cleanup for you!). 
  • You may also want to have a muffin pan or two handy for holding decorations. That keeps everything sorted and organized, with less chance of a spill.
  • Boxes for transporting cupcakes. Small cupcake boxes are easy to find online and in bake supply shops. These are great for sending the sweet treats home with guests.

Keep it simple, and keep it fun!

Remember, the goal is lots of fun for the kids with no stress for you, so don't feel like you have to overplan the decor. Sometimes simply spreading some frosting and dipping the top in a bowl of crushed candy canes or sprinkles brings as much joy to the little ones as the more intricate designs, so let simplicity rule the day. Your cupcake party is sure to be a sweet success!


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