How to Host a Gift Wrapping Party this Holiday Season

Stop wrapping presents alone. Turn the task into a fun Christmas party tradition with friends. From the DIY invitations to the take-home treats, let Jenny Keller inspire you to host your own holiday gift wrapping party.

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    Come On In

    As a bakery owner, party planner, blogger, and mom of two, Jenny Keller is a busy lady. But she still finds time to host her friends for a day of good cheer. Jenny's annual wrapping party turns a boring task into a fun Christmas party with friends. 

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    E-Vite All the Way

    A digital invitation is an easy, no-fuss way to spread the word about your holiday party. Make sure to set the date far enough in advance so guests have time to shop, but not so deep into the holiday season that it's difficult to coordinate schedules. Consider the last week of November or the first week of December as prime wrap party time. 

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    Paper Play

    To take a little pressure off of Jenny, guests bring their own wrapping paper. The host then supplies tape, tissue paper, boxes, tags, and any other necessities. Before the party, choose a color scheme so all of the supplies coordinate. 

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    Stay Awhile

    A stocked bar cart in festive red and green is the perfect welcome. And at this wrapping party, simplicity is key. Give guests two options—one alcoholic and one non—to sip while they mingle. 

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    Wrap 'Til You Drop

    Once guests have a chance to catch up, let the wrapping begin! Depending on how many friends you invite, the party can become a bit hectic, so designate individual areas to place finished packages. You don't want to accidentally mix up gifts!

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    Say Cheese

    A gorgeous cheese platter is a simple way to please multiple palates. Set out an assortment of cheese, crackers, fruits, nuts, meats, and more for guests to nosh on as they work. 

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    Time to Talk

    Your wrapping party shouldn't be all work and no play. Make sure to take some time to chat and enjoy one another's company. Set a time in the afternoon or evening that gives you two to three hours to enjoy with your guests. 

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    Christmas Classics

    No gathering is complete without a jaw-dropping arrangement of sweets. And this darling treats table features all of the holiday flavors we love. For this occasion, Jenny whipped up classic sugar cookies, a naked gingerbread cake, and chocolate-dipped peanut butter crackers. 

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    Take Home Treats

    Guests leave Jenny's home with a sweet treat in tow—Pie Cookies from her bakery. Though the pros use a cookie stamp to spell out a cute message, you can create a similar effect with icing. Individual boxes and a wrap of twine are the only embellishments needed. 

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    Carry Out

    When your party comes to a close, help your friends carry out their bounty. If it's raining or snowing, provide large plastic sacks to prevent presents from getting wet. 

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