Wheelbarrow Arrangement

Fill a wheelbarrow or wooden garden wagon with greenery, pinecones, and pots of fruit for a festive display in your yard or on your porch.

What You Need:

Add this simple and rustic seasonal touch to your yard.
  • Boughs of various greens, such as western cedar, Douglas fir, red huckleberry, white pine, and variegated privet
  • Wheelbarrow or wooden garden wagon
  • 4 medium-size terra-cotta planters
  • Red and yellow apples and other hardy fruit as desired
  • Sugar-pine pinecones
  • Bundles of sticks or birch twigs
  • Old metal watering can


1. Lay evergreens in wheelbarrow. Set aside a few of the shorter branches. Lay long branches of evergreens in the wheelbarrow so they spill over the front edge and extend out from the back. If possible, use several kinds of greenery so you'll have a variety of textures and shades of green. Here we combined western cedar, Douglas fir, red huckleberry, white pine, and variegated privet.

2. Add terra-cotta pots. Nestle the terra-cotta pots into the greenery, and fill the pots with apples or other fruits.

3. Add pinecones and sticks or twigs. Place them so that they fill in any bare spots amidst the greenery and vary the height of the display.

4. Add a focal point. Fill watering can with the evergreen branches you set aside in Step 1, and place it atop the greenery.


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