40 Festive Ideas for Front Door Christmas Decorations

Greet guests in style with these favorite ideas for holiday front door decorations.

residential front door decorated with a Christmas wreath

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Once you've trimmed the tree, head outside to deck your front door for the holidays. Our ideas for Christmas front door decorations range from traditional to modern, so there's something for every style. Plus, they're all easy to put together, so you can spend less time decorating and more time with friends and family. Use our ideas for Christmas wreaths, holiday lights, and garlands to create the prettiest house on the block.

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Make an Evergreen Scene

white front porch with christmas decor and antiques sign
Jay Wilde

Transform your front door into a Christmas oasis. Stock up on miniature pine trees, real or faux and place them in planters around your front door, then use evergreen garland around doors and windows. Find a fun seasonal sign or create your own to welcome guests into your home. Create a charming nighttime scene by swapping out Christmas lights for patio string lights that you can keep up year-round.

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Create a Seasonal Planter

red berry planter front porch

Marty Baldwin

This simple yet timeless idea is sure to give your porch some holiday cheer. Start by emptying your planters from the summer or fall. Next, place seasonal decor like birch logs and evergreen branches in the planter. Use sprigs of red winter berries and ornaments to add Christmas color to the arrangement.

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Incorporate Rustic Holiday Decor

farmhouse front porch with antlers

Dominique Vorillon

Hang a pair of antlers above your front door for a rustic yet elegant look. This small touch goes a long way when you add garland and a wreath. Finish the look with planters featuring miniature evergreen trees and pinecones.

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Use a Classic Color Combo

Christmas decor on porch with sleds
David Land

Not only are red and green complementary colors, but they're also synonymous with Christmas. Go back to basics this year with cheerful yet timeless front porch decorations, like a fresh garland, pinecones, hardy evergreen plants, and winterberries. Break up the organic display by adding an antique twist with vintage sleds.

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Create a Classic Evergreen Porch

Festive front porch with Christmas tree, bow, and dog
Adam Albright

Going for the neutral look? Keep it simple by working with greens and browns, especially if your house is white. Fill galvanized planters with tabletop Christmas trees to frame the doorway. Finish the display with a collection of wrapped gift boxes and a festive chalkboard sign. Instead of a traditional wreath, arrange greenery, flowers, and a large, layered ribbon bow secured to an upside down shovel using florists wire. Hang with a removable exterior hook.

Editor's Tip: Make a corner swag by wiring greenery to boards attached to each other at a right angle.

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Tie In Your Frosted Wreath

traditional wreath hanging on door

Joseph Keller

A small embellishment, like this gossamer bow, ties in frosted elements from your wreath. Choose a bow that connects with other colors on your porch, or use it as a statement piece that draws your eye to the door. You can't go wrong with this traditional Christmastime motif.

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Farmhouse Christmas Door

outdoors-inspired decorated holiday porch with rake and window frame
Jay Wilde

The rustic farmhouse look is easy to execute when you have the right items. Use farm-style finds—garden tools, tin containers, and foliage—in creative ways to yield a down-to-earth display. Layering two doormats will introduce color and pattern to your porch. Suspend simple ball ornaments from a vintage rake for a unique display. Give a plain wreath an upgrade by securing a metal snowflake to its center.

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Use Double Boxwood Wreaths

kids running through door with double wreath

David Land

When it comes to choosing a Christmas wreath, the more the merrier. Twin boxwood wreaths add bold decor to any front door. Just tie them together with a colorful ribbon and embellish the loops with leftover ornaments for a pop of color.

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Find Northern Inspiration

northern light christmas front door

Frances Janisch

This Scandinavian-inspired Christmas decor combines evergreen branches with red berries for a northern look. Deep red lanterns add crisp holiday color, while a snowflake shaped wreath pops against the dark gray home. The freshly fallen snow contrasts against the scene for a beautiful winter look.

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Festive Swag Form Wreath

Door wreath made of evergreen, holly, and pinecones
Jay Wilde

Create a classic Christmas swag wreath with just a few basic crafts supplies. Dress up a plain evergreen swag form with red berries, pinecones, and seeded eucalyptus branches. Finish the look with a red bow.

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Add a Rustic Wreath

wood slice wreath

Jay Wilde

Bring a little slice of nature to your front door with a woodland-inspired wreath. Either use precut wood slices found at a crafts store or cut a found branch into segments. Glue the pieces to a wooden wreath form and top them with burlap ribbon, pinecones, greenery, and berries. 

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Choose Monochromatic Christmas Decorations

Silver and White Christmas Front Porch

Andy Lyons

Go all out this year and create a winter wonderland at your front door. Enlist the kids to cut paper snowflakes. Spray faux trees white and plant them in galvanized buckets on either side of the door. For the final touch, spray-paint wire baskets white, then hang them full of sparkling silver orbs.

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Make a Cedar-Stacked Christmas Tree

cedar stacked christmas tree wreath

Kim Cornelison

Eighteen miniature cedar-sprig wreaths stack together for a clever front door Christmas tree idea. Use wire to tie the wreaths together, which will allow you to stack the tree as tall (or as short) as you like. Finish the tree off by hot-gluing twigs for the trunk.

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Tie It All Together

red berry wreath

Alexandra Grablewski

Copy this traditional wreath look for an elegant, classic touch to your front door. Douglas fir creates a classic and full wreath, while colorful berries and boxwood greens enhance the traditional holiday greenery. Tie the decoration together with a bright red bow.

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Match Decor to the Architectural Style

lit Christmas tree near red bench and gifts on holiday front porch
John Granen

If you're new to Christmas decorating, use your home's architectural style as inspiration. Traditional homes look great in classic decorations, while rustic homes call for a more casual setup. Here, a cozy cabin gets dressed up with simple, unadorned fresh evergreen greenery.

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Play with Pastels

pinecone wreath on pastel door

Greg Scheidemann

Try this twist on traditional. The deep jewel tones common during Christmas aren't right for every home. If you are looking for a change, try re-painting your front door a fun, pastel color. Paired with a neutral wreath that has metallic touch to it, your front door will bring a whole new meaning to holiday decor.

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Mix Shapes and Textures


Dana Gallagher

If matching isn't your style, unusual forms are a wonderful way to add visual interest to a holiday front door. Here, distinctive topiaries play against a gathering of bright berries and the soft white of the wreath. The asymmetry of this scene is equal parts eye-catching and beautiful.

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Customize Your Traditional Wreath

oversize Christmas wreath made of hula hoops hanging between windows outside
Carson Downing

Dress up your door decor with a customizable hula hoop Christmas wreath that you can make yourself. Apply copper spray paint on two different-sized hoops. Finish them with layers of seasonal greenery and an oversize bow. Hang this minimalistic wreath inside or outside.

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Rely on Color for Contrast

Door wreath with ornaments and pink bow
Greg Scheidemann

One way to make your Christmas door decorations stand out is with color. A simple flocked wreath is a great contrast to dark or bright front door colors. Here, an evergreen wreath is dressed up with vintage ornaments. A ribbon tied into a classic bow adds a simple, elegant finish.

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Hang a Low Wreath

Low Christmas Wreath

Quentin Bacon

If there is one thing we know about wreaths, it is that there are no set rules. Be the first on the block to break tradition. Hang your creative Christmas wreath low on the front door for a modern but welcoming look, which also leaves the window free for collecting sunlight.

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Go for the Bows

front porch christmas decor

Anthony Masterson

Bows aren't just for the gifts underneath the Christmas tree. To ring in the holiday season, cover your front door with ribbons and bows. Use red to give your greenery garland and evergreen wreath a bright boost of color. Then continue the color palette on accessories, like lanterns, pillows, or a door mat.

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Celebrate Traditional Decor

Ornament Christmas Decorations

Beth Singer

Bring your front door back to basics by decorating with Christmas ornaments. Nestle contrasting ornaments of all sizes in both your wreath as well as your holiday planters. This look is sophisticated and works on a traditional or contemporary home.

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Leather-Wrapped Wreath

minimalist winter wreath with wrapped hoops
Jason Donnelly

Inexpensive leather cording gives this DIY Christmas wreath a chic upgrade. To create, hot-glue together two wooden crafts rings. Wrap each ring with leather cording, overlapping where the rings meet. Add faux greenery and colored wood balls and attach them with hot glue.

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Make a Festive Yarn Wreath

farmhouse christmas front door with greenery

Better Homes & Gardens / Jacob Fox

Using fresh greenery is a beautiful way to add farmhouse charm to your front porch, and the possibilities are endless. Drape greenery around your front door, fashion a wreath, or put greenery in planters. You can add ornaments to mini Christmas trees in planters for a punch of color. The soft gold of candlelight from lanterns gives a warm welcome to guests.

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Add Fresh or Faux Flowers


Colleen Duffley

If you live in a temperate climate, you might be able to make front door decorations with seasonal flower displays, such as poinsettias. To dress up the arrangement, try selections in an accent color—here, white adds a pop of brightness against the brick. If your weather isn't so mild, go for faux flowers that you can reuse year after year.

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Change Your Holiday Greeting

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John Granen

Most seasonal displays are fairly static, but small elements can add a bit more personality to your front door decor. Here, a tiny chalkboard allows the homeowners to add a changing message on the front door wreath. Other ideas: a countdown to Christmas, or ribbons or wreaths that change weekly.

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Light Evergreen Arches

winter front yard with lit evergreen arch

John Bessler

Make your front door a warm welcome for visitors. Artfully drape a garland wrapped with Christmas lights above your doorway. Adding evergreen to your lights provides extra sparkle to your Christmas curb appeal.

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Use a Symmetrical Design

Christmas Front Door Decoration

Alise O'Brien

When in doubt, a symmetrical arrangement of Christmas decorations always looks polished. Spiral topiaries welcome guests onto the landing, where an evergreen arch accents existing architecture. Add burlap detailing for a homey touch of character.

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Choose an Unusual Accent Color

Orange and Green Christmas Front Porch

Anthony Masterson

For a fresh front door idea, add an unexpected accent color. Here, ripe oranges and tangerine-colored ribbon make classic pine greens pop. This look is perfect for a warm climate, holiday-decorated porch.

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Use Garden-Inspired Decorations


Nancy Nolan

This large, leafy Christmas garland and matching decorations are made from evergreen branches, pinecones, berries, apples, magnolia leaves, and festive holiday ribbon. At night, the intertwined lights add a cozy, cheery glow to the front door. Add your own favorite elements.

Editor's Tip: Purchase a long evergreen garland to serve as the base, then use florists pins and hot glue to secure the embellishments.

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Decorate Front Yard Trees and Shrubs


Werner Straube

Don't stop at simply accenting your front door, try integrating the rest of the front yard into your design. Here, simple orb lights add unexpected brilliance to the large tree. These oversize Christmas lights also make the house as attractive at night as it is by day.

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Add a Twist to Your Front Door Decor


Michael Partenio

Wreaths are a lovely addition to nearly every front entryway. But there are other items that can add seasonal interest to your door. Here, ice skates—tied with a bit of fresh greenery and a Christmas bow—dress up the traditional entry.

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Decorate All Your Surfaces


Marty Baldwin

If you have a large front entryway, you're lucky: You have more room to add pretty holiday accents. One way to unify them is to choose just a few materials to repeat, such as the grapevine and fir shown here.

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Create a Wreath from Nontraditional Materials

Blue ombre wreath
Matthew Clark.

Better Homes & Gardens

Evergreens and pinecones are standard elements for front door decorations, but unconventional colors will make your door stand out. Use matte, metallic, bright, and muted colors to achieve this fun look. Here, pinecones are painted in shades of blue for an update to a classic wreath.

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Balance Your Decorations

Elegant Holiday Entryway

Werner Straube

Ornate doors and wide front entryways need little decoration. Instead, add accents to the surrounding areas to create the perfect holiday look. Two containers flank this wide entry, playing off the elegant symmetry. Bright silver and red ornaments accent both the containers and the evergreen wreath.

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Add Glitter to Your Christmas Door Decorations

Glittery Christmas Front Door

King Au

Sparkle and shine are synonymous with the season. Use this pretty silver front door decoration as inspiration for your own glittering welcome. Purchase a silver wreath, or paint a grapevine wreath using metallic spray paint, add a sparkling ribbon, then weave in silver and blue ornaments. For another sparkling color scheme, use gold and bronze decorations to glam up your Christmas door.

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Use Seasonal Colors for Christmas Door Decorations

Merry Carnation Wreath

Kimberly Cornelison

Play up the traditional Christmas red-and-green color scheme with a modern spin. If you have a green door, accent it with an all-red wreath and place bright red flowers on the front porch. Don't have a green door? Play around with other color schemes, such as white and blue (good for lighter doors) or silver and gold (good for darker doors).

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Go for Traditional Decor

Traditional Christmas wreath

Eric Roth

You can decorate a door for Christmas in a way that's both classic and fresh with traditional accents. Hang a medium-size boxwood wreath with a bright red bow in the middle for pretty texture and style. Add symmetrical accents on either side of the door to complete the look, such as the shaped topiaries shown here.

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Use a Single Color

Traditional Christmas Front Door

John Bessler

There is a surprising array of diversity in the green color spectrum, from deep and rich to light and bright. These simple and traditional Christmas door decorations focus on color variations to add visual interest. A green ribbon adds luster to an evergreen wreath, while tiny lights brighten the garland around the front door.

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Transform Premade into One-of-a-Kind

Pinecone and Ornament Garland

Cameron Sadeghpour

For extraordinary impact, it's easy to customize an ordinary garland. Small holiday ornaments secured with hot glue coordinate with this red front door and add bright pops of color to a premade pinecone garland. Tall lanterns, adorned with small sprigs of berries, lead the way to Christmas celebrations.

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