Woven Ribbon Cone Ornament

Woven from velvet and satin ribbons, the cones can hold a variety of seasonal trims or treats.

What You Need:

For each ornament:

Soft, shiny cones filled with sweet- heart roses and greenery bring added freshness to your tree.
  • 10-inch square of fusible nonwoven firm interfacing
  • Fabric marking pencil
  • Tracing paper
  • 3-3/4 yards of 3/4-inch-wide red velvet ribbon
  • 3-3/4 yards of 3/4-inch-wide forest double-faced satin ribbon
  • Straight pins
  • Iron and press cloth
  • Matching sewing thread
  • 12-inch length of fabric-covered wire
  • 3/4 yard of 1-1/2-inch-wide red plaid ribbon


Cone pattern

1. Use the fabric marking pencil to draw an 8-inch square centered on the nonfusible side of the interfacing. Trace the cone pattern onto the tracing paper; cut out the pattern. Position the cone pattern on the nonfusible side of the interfacing with the straight edges of the pattern aligned with two adjacent lines of the square. Trace the cone shape onto the interfacing.

2. Cut thirteen 10-inch lengths of red velvet ribbon and thirteen 10-inch lengths of forest satin ribbon.

3. Place the interfacing fusible side up on a flat ironing surface. Place the red ribbon lengths side by side on the interfacing with an even amount of ribbon extending beyond the top and bottom edges of the square. Pin the ribbon ends to the interfacing.

Weaving diagram

4. Weave the forest ribbon lengths over and under the red ribbons with an even amount of ribbon extending beyond the left and right edges. Pin the ribbon ends to the interfacing.

5. Use an iron and press cloth to fuse the woven ribbons to the interfacing, following the manufacturer's instructions. Remove the pins. Press on the interfacing side. With the interfacing side up, baste on the drawn lines that indicate the cone shape. Trim the fused ribbons/interfacing 3/8-inch beyond the basting stitches on the straight edges and a scant 1/8-inch beyond the basting stitches on the curved edge.

6. To bind the curved edge, fold the remaining red velvet ribbon over the raw edge; edge-stitch in place. With right sides together, sew together the straight edges of the cone using a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Turn the cone right side out.

7. For the handle, fold the 1-1/2-inch-wide plaid ribbon in half lengthwise; sew 1/8-inch from the edge, forming a tube. Turn the tube right side out. Slip the fabric-covered wire into the tube. Make a knot in the ribbon tube at each end of the wire. With the ends of the tube and the wire even, sew the handle to opposite sides of the cone above the knots.


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