Unique Snowman Ornaments

You don't have to wait for snow to fall to build a jolly holiday snowman. We give you three unique snowman ornaments to cut, mold, or stitch to fit your Christmas decorating style and crafting capabilities. The best part? These ornaments won't melt away at the end of the season!

Felted Frosty the Snowman Ornament

Frosty comes to life with a little help from felt. This fun snowman ornament is easy to stitch together and adds a wonderful handmade touch to any Christmas tree.


  1. Trace our patterns, available below, onto white paper and cut out. 
  2. Gather 12-inch pieces of white, orange, black, and brown felt. Referring to the photo, trace the snowman patterns onto the felt; cut out. 
  3. Hand-stitch the features to one of the body pieces using matching thread and running stitches. Layer the two body pieces with wrong sides together, and insert the snowman arms between them. 
  4. To make a hanging loop, fold a 4-inch length of white ribbon and insert the ends between the body pieces. Using a 1/8-inch seam allowance, hand-stitch the body pieces together; catch the arms and hanging loop in the seam as you stitch. Leave a 1-1/2-inch opening in the bottom of the ornament. 
  5. Stuff the body with polyester fiberfill; stitch the opening closed.

Get the patterns.

Magical Music Snowman Ornaments

Whether you hang them on the Christmas tree or tie them to the trimmings of a holiday gift package, these sheet music snowman ornaments are sure to send a merry message.


  1. Cut two circles from sheet music, one slightly larger than the other. ("Frosty the Snowman" sheet music would be fitting, but it can be from any type of paper or sheet music.)
  2. Using our photo as a guide, cut a scarf, hat, and carrot-shape nose from scrapbook paper.
  3. Outline the scraps of paper using a black pen or marker, or by cutting slightly larger versions of the same shapes from black paper and gluing the scrapbook paper to the black paper to make an outline.
  4. Glue the pieces together as shown. Punch a hole in the top hat, and add a hook or paper clip for hanging.

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Framed Snowman Ornaments

Transform these frosty faces made from polymer clay from fun-to-make tree ornaments into annual holiday artwork. Bring cheer to any room in the house by hanging them in frames rather than on the Christmas tree.

  1. Trace our patterns, available below, onto tracing paper and cut out.
  2. Mix equal amounts of white clay and pearl clay; blend completely. Using a rolling pin, roll clay to 1/8-inch thick. Cut out a snowman head from the clay using the tracing paper pattern and a crafts knife.
  3. Roll black clay to 1/8-inch thick and cut out hat from clay. Place hat on head, referring to the dashed line on head pattern for overlap. Press the two pieces gently together.
  4. Roll desired color of clay for hatband until very thin. Cut hatband from clay to fit hat. Place the band above the hat brim and draw lines on the hatband with a stylus.
  5. Roll green clay until very thin. Cut out two holly leaves and place them on the hatband, referring to the above photo for placement. Roll three tiny balls of red clay and place between the holly leaves. Draw veins on the leaves and add a dot to each berry with the stylus.
  6. Using a soft-bristle paintbrush, brush blush onto cheeks.
  7. Roll two small balls or egg shapes of black clay and place on snowman face for eyes. Press eyes completely into face; draw on a smile and eyebrows with the stylus.
  8. Roll orange clay to 1/8-inch thick. Cut out a triangle (following the shape indicated by the face patterns) for the nose. Place the nose on the face and press the pieces gently together. Draw details on the nose using the stylus.
  9. Attach a U-shape wire to top edge of hat for a hanger.
  10. Place snowman head in a glass baking dish and bake following manufacturer's instructions; let cool. Dot the eyes with a white paint pen.

Get the patterns.

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