This is What You Should Do With Your Ornaments After Christmas

Don't take them down just yet!
Growing a Jeweled Rose

Decorating for the holiday season is our favorite part of winter. We relish making every part of our house sparkle with the cheer of the season. Not to mention, it's an instant mood booster whenever we walk inside. So, somewhere along the way, we thought...wouldn't it be great to have this sort of holiday cheer last all year long? That's when we put on our thinking caps and found some incredible DIY ornaments that we can keep up year-round. Now, you can maintain that special feeling throughout all the little corners of our home, no matter what season it is! Check them out now:

1. Graduation Tassel Ornament

Do It And How

This DIY from Do It And How is so easy, we can't believe we didn't think of it ourselves! It's a great way to display the graduation accomplishments of your family by looping the tassel into a classic glass bulb Christmas ornament. And when the tree comes down, there's no need to put these away: We imagine they'd look at home hanging on a wall somewhere, or next to the graduation pictures framed on your mantle.

2. Picture Ornaments for Year-Long Nostalgia


Picture ornaments are a classic addition to every Christmas tree. In our family, we joke that you can chart our growth throughout the years in the branches of our trees! But what if those cute ornaments didn't disappear with the season? A year-round display of different picture ornaments is a fun, creative way to showcase special family photos and moments while keeping a little bit of the holiday spark alive in your home.

3. Coloful Crayon Ornaments

Living, Loving, Laughing, Creating Everyday

We're suckers for bright, colorful designs - and these crayon ornaments certainly fit the bill! First of all, we imagine that creating these crayon ornaments from Living, Loving, Laughing, Creating Everyday is just downright fun. Melting crayons with a hairdryer? Sign us up! But we also think there's a way to incorporate our home design into this project, perhaps by picking colors that match our decor so that we can keep the ornaments on display in a big glass bowl all year-round!

4. Cinnamon Ornaments

Growing a Jeweled Rose

We love making cinnamon ornaments for our tree every year. The delicious baking scent fills our home to perfection, instantly evoking the holidays as soon as we walk through the door. And the rustic charm of the ornaments themselves is downright adorable on our tree! So, we've decided that we can totally make these all year round, in different shapes, for a dose of spirited cheer tucked away for all eternity!

5. Paper Towel Roll Stars

Blog A La Cart

When we heard that these delicate little stars from Blog A La Cart were made from paper towel rolls, we couldn't believe it - they're too cute to have such humble beginnings! But it's true, and this cute DIY is easy to make, while producing small, beautiful results. After we're done decorating our tree with them, we may affix them to picture frames, hang them around the house, or simply glue them to a canvas for some DIY art. They'll instantly brighten any home!


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