The options include the beloved Shiny Brite baubles that also happen to be on sale.

By Jennifer Aldrich
December 09, 2020
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Every time I see a vintage-inspired mini Christmas tree, I think of my grandma. Grandma always went out of her way to decorate for the holidays and one thing I always looked forward to was when she would display her miniature Christmas tree in her living room every year. The Tannenbaum was small, but it was overflowing with the most beautiful, intricate vintage decorations in every pastel shade you can imagine. (Some were even from the 1940s when she married my grandpa!) Although Mary Lou is no longer here, her tree still is, and we still put it up with an angel on top every year. And because of that, retro Christmas decorations always make me nostalgic. (And this year especially, we're all reminiscing on past holidays.)

Recently, I discovered that Target has a whole collection of vintage Christmas ornaments that I know my grandma would love. (Especially the multi-colored Shiny Brite baubles.) Even if you've already decorated your Tannenbaum, and especially if you have yet to, you need to check out these options. Add them to your own stash of decorations or gift them to a loved one to start a new tradition.

Credit: Courtesy of Target

You can never go wrong with a classic St. Nick. Santa is wearing his classic red coat with white trim and holding a lamp, perhaps to light his way through a snowy Christmas Eve. He's made of glass and measures 3 1/2 x 3 x 6 inches.

Buy It: Santa Xmas Ornament, $15 (originally $17)

Credit: Courtesy of Target

Add this rose gold bauble to your pink Christmas tree or your gold Tannenbaum for the ultimate glam look. It has glitter, rhinestones, and metallic designs that will shine when illuminated by your lights. The glass ornament measures 4 x 5 1/2 x 4 inches.

Buy It: Retro Ombré Glass Christmas Ornament, $16

Credit: Courtesy of Target

This ornament will remind you of picking out a live Christmas tree as a child. The red metal pick-up truck looks like it's delivering the bottle brush tree in the back to a family.

Buy It: Retro Reflector Christmas Ball Ornament, $30 (originally $32)

Credit: Courtesy of Target

These multi-colored spheres feature several festive scenes. (My grandma would have bought this set immediately.) One has the lyrics to "Jingle Bells" with a music staff; another has Santa's sleigh with his reindeer; one has candy canes, candles, and stockings on it, and the fourth has "Merry Christmas" scrolled across it. They're 4 inches in diameter and are made of glass. They'd be a great gift for someone who wants to start a Shiny Brite collection. (Or a nice addition to an existing one.)

Buy It: Signature Flocked Vintage Celebration Ornaments, $41 (was $46)

Credit: Courtesy of Target

The words on these matte ornaments are just like candy canes. Each package comes with three spheres, three red and three light blue, with "Joy," "Ho," and "Noel" scrolled across them. They're made of glass and are 3 inches in diameter.

Buy It: Kurt Adler Retro Ball Ornaments, $55 for a set of 6

Credit: Courtesy of Target

This beautiful piece is a collector's item you can pass down for generations. The glass ornament is designed by Christopher Radko, who's dubbed the "king of designer Christmas ornaments." It features Santa Claus with a flowing beard holding a green tree and standing on a blue and pink rocket.

Buy It: Christopher Radko Retro Rocket, $99 (originally $107)

Credit: Courtesy of Target

How cute is this little creature? The glass option has a reindeer head on top with multi-colored balls and an icicle at the bottom. It's 2 x 7 x 2 inches and also comes in a pink and blue color scheme for the same price.

Buy It: Figure Icicle Reindeer Beads, $21 (originally $25)

Credit: Courtesy of Target

This pack of four ornaments comes in four colors, red, green, blue, and gold, with "Merry Christmas," written in cursive white writing. They're glass and 4 inches in diameter.

Buy It: Flocked Holiday Ornament, $52 for a pack of 4

Credit: Courtesy of Target

If you're into a classic Christmas theme, you'll love these decorations. The glass baubles are red, green, and silver striped and measure 3 inches in diameter.

Buy It: Retro Reflector Christmas Ball Ornaments, $30 for a set of 6 (originally $32)

Credit: Courtesy of Target

These 5-inch wreaths might be too tiny to hang on your front door, but they're perfect for your tree. Each pack comes with two sisal wreaths, one with a green blass candle and the other with a red candle. They have red, gold, and green glass ornaments on the greenery and a red bow at the bottom.

Buy It: Traditional Candle In Wreath Ornament, $41 for a set of 2 (originally $46)


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