This holiday popper is a fun DIY Christmas ornament that's full of gifts!


This easy Christmas ornament craft turns fillable ornaments into small handmade gifts! These surprise ball ornaments are inexpensive to make, and we're totally obsessed with the animal designs! Our free printables make it so easy to transform cheap pull-apart Christmas ornaments into cute Christmas presents. We love the idea of making an ornament advent calendar full of treats and opening one small gift each day. Or, put multiple treats and gifts in one ornament!

Holiday Fox Popper christmas ornament

What You’ll Need

  • Small gifts/candies
  • Fillable Christmas ball ornaments
  • Crepe paper streamers
  • Double-sided tape
  • Cardstock in multiple colors
  • [button-pdf id="551690" title="Free printable template" /]
  • Scissors
  • Black craft marker

Step 1: Pick Your Gifts

This surprise ball ornament is perfect for holding mini Christmas goodies. Start by placing small gifts inside a fillable Christmas ornament (usually available at crafts stores). Look for ornaments that are easy to take apart so kids will be able to get to their goodies easily.  Pick one bigger item to add to the ornament, like a gift card, coin-shaped cookies, small toy, or your child's favorite treat, and surround the item with smaller gifts like candy. You can also put materials for other Christmas crafts or hints about activities for that day, like movie tickets or puzzle pieces.

Step 2: Hide the Surprise

Place double-sided tape on the outside of the ornament. Wrap crepe paper around each half of the ornament. Add layers of paper until both halves of the ornament are covered. You'll have a small strip of uncovered plastic where the ornament opens. You can simply cover the ornament with another layer of crepe paper. Trying layering in additional small treats as you wrap the ornament. Secure the end of the crepe paper with double-sided tape.

Holiday Unicorn Popper christmas ornament

Step 3: Decorate the Surprise Ball Ornament

Use our free template to trace adorable animal patterns onto colorful paper. Cut the pieces out and use double-sided tape to secure the features to the ornaments. Make a fox, a unicorn, or an owl (or all three!). After you add the cut-outs, add facial features to each animal with a thin black marker. Hang the ornaments on the tree, or string them on a garland to create an extra fun Christmas display.

Get the free patterns!


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