Starry Night Christmas Ornaments

Make dancing stars in minutes using ordinary ball ornaments and metallic paint pens.

These cheerful Christmas ornaments are sure to be the "stars" of your tree. Because they are hand-decorated, each one has its own unique charm. The idea is so simple, even a child could do it. And thanks to our slick idea for holding the ornaments steady while you paint, you won't have to worry about them rolling away.

Materials and Tools

  • Soft cloth
  • Matte-finish glass ornaments in desired color
  • Small-mouth drinking glass
  • Metallic paint marking pen


1. Using a soft cloth, gently wipe any dust from the ornaments. If using glass balls, handle them with care as some glass ornaments are fragile and break easily. While working, place each ball in a drinking glass to prevent rolling. (Draping a cloth over the glass before placing the ornament will help keep it even steadier and minimize the risk of breakage.)

2. Draw a design on the balls using a paint pen. Draw stars, scallops, small dots, zigzags, words, or curlicues. Work on one side at a time. Let dry.

3. Turn the balls over in the glasses and finish the other sides. Let dry.


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