Scandinavian Christmas Ornaments

Dala Horse Christmas Ornament
Take a page from Scandinavia this year for your Christmas tree decorating. These DIY ornaments embrace the minimalism that is characteristic of this design style. Using traditional textures like natural wood and fuzzy felt, you can make your own to display on your tree.

Gnome Christmas Ornament

Gnomes have long been a part of northern European lore. Make an adorable felt companion of your own, complete with a characteristic long beard. Then hang the mischievous fellow on your tree and hope he doesn't run off to steal some Christmas cookies!

Wood Bead Tassel Ornament

We let the beauty of natural wood shine through with this variation on wood bead ornaments, but included a cute tassel for extra flair. Make them out of embroidery thread in classic Christmas colors, then trim the tree or give them as gift toppers.

Folk Art Felt Ornament

Stay cozy this winter with these simple folk-art inspired felt ornaments. They’ll add a touch of softness to your tree. To make them, layer several pieces of felt (stick with neutral colors for a true Scandinavian feel) and sew together with curly stitches. Hot glue a ribbon to the top for hanging. Choose nature motifs, such as the leaves, pears, and partridges shown here.

Wooden Snowflake Ornament

Snow is plentiful in northern Europe, so it's no surprise that snowflake imagery abounds in Scandinavian holiday decor. A nod to Swedish straw ornaments, these wood snowflakes come together with a little hot glue. Use clothespins, craft sticks, and wooden circles for a variety of shapes.

Vintage Tree Ornament

Reminiscent of Old World art, these simple trees will add a pop of color to your decor. We’ve included a pattern to help you make it and instructions on how to get the perfectly curled wire hook.

Gingham Cookie Cutter Ornament

Scandinavian decor is known for its emphasis on neutral color schemes—typically white with one accent color. Thus red and white are a no-brainer for holiday decorations. Use this simple-yet-sophisticated color scheme to repurpose old cookie cutters. Just wrap each in gingham ribbon and tie with bakers twine!

Salt Dough Ornament

Continue a red-and-white color scheme with these easy salt dough ornaments—you only need three ingredients!

To make them, preheat your oven to 200 degrees F. Mix 1/2 cup salt, 1 cup flour, and 1/2 cup water until sticky. Roll the dough to 1/4-inch thick and cut out snowflake shapes with cookie cutters. Use a straw to punch a hole for hanging. Bake for 4 hours and let cool. If desired, draw on designs with permanent markers.

Dala Horse Ornament

An icon of Sweden, traditional Dala horses are meticulously hand-carved and hand-painted from wood blocks. Invite a herd of these brightly colored steeds into your holiday home—no wood carving required!

Wood Bead Snowflake Ornament

These snowflakes might look complicated, but all you have to do is thread beads on wire in a repeating pattern. We used unvarnished wood beads to get the IKEA aesthetic in ornament form.

Dutch Heart Ornament

This appliqued heart ornament sports a traditional Dutch-style design in contrasting red and white. (You can choose which color will be the base and which one will outline the design.) They’re Christmasy enough for your tree and you don’t even have to put them away; they make pretty door hangers when Valentine’s Day rolls around, too!

Found Nature Glass Ball Ornament

An appreciation for nature is embedded in Scandinavian culture. Highlight the elements with small pinecones and evergreen sprigs inside plain glass orbs. To mimic snow, sprinkle a little salt or sugar inside, too.

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